Afghanistan Border

Afghanistan, a land- locked country, situated in Southwestern Asia on the Iranian Plateau is enveloped by the Hindu Kush Mountains. Afghanistan shares its borders with Pakistan,
China, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. In the north it is bordered by Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan; in the east by China and a part of territory lying in Pakistan-occupied in Kashmir;in the west by Iran and in south by Pakistan.

The country of Afghanistan covers an area of 647,500 square kilometers. The total length of Afghanistan border is 5529km long. The longest Afghanistan border is with Pakistan stretching to 2430 km. The length of the Afghanistan border with Iran in the west is 936km and that with China in the east is 76km. Turkmenistan border is 744km,the Uzbekistan border is 137 km while the Tajikistan border is 1206km.The Afghanistan border with China is the shortest.

Afghanistan Pakistan Border
Afghanistan Pakistan Border is 2430 km long running along the ridges of Hindu Kush mountains and the Pamirs. Along these ridges in-between Pakistan and Tajikistan lie a Afghan territory called Wakhan Corridor. The Afghanistan-Pakistan Border line was drawn by Sir Mortimer Durand, the foreign secretary of British India, in the year of 1893. This line is called the Durand Line and is effective still today.

Last Updated on: May 19, 2017