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Countries with Nuclear Weapons

World Map shows location of top ten countries with largest nuclear weapons. While Russia is at top spot with 8,500 of nuclear weapons followed by United States with 7,700 and France with 300 nuclear weapons.

Top ten Largest Nuclear Weapons Countries USA Map India Map China Map Russia Map France Map UK Map - United Kingdom Pakistan Map Israel Map Russia Map North Korea Map Iran Map
Description: Map showing the top ten countries with largest nuclear weapons in the world. Disclaimer

RANKCountryTotal Inventory
(Estimates are as of Jan 2014)
2United States 7300
3France 300
5United Kingdom225
9North Korea6-8.
SOURCE : World nuclear forces, January 2014
SIPRI Yearbook 2014

RANKCOUNTRYEstimated WarheadsFirst TestRecent TestTotal Test
2United States7700194519921054
5United Kingdom2251952199145
9North Korea10200620133
SOURCE : Federation of American Scientists and CIA World Factbook

Top Ten Countries with Nuclear Weapons Images

russia-nuclear-country Russia is home to the Biological Weapons Convention and the Chemical Weapons Convention. It is the successor to the Soviet Union as a nuclear state.
nuclear-countriesThe United States is the first country to have manufactured nuclear weapons. Ever since the 9/11 attacks, the rumor mills have it that the nation is considering design of new nuclear weapons.
france-nuclear-countryFrance has an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. It is one of the five "Nuclear Weapon States" under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
china-nuclear-country China has developed and possesses chemical and nuclear weapons. The country performed its first nuclear weapons tests in 1964 and the last one on July 29, 1996.
uk-nuclear-countryAs the third country to test an independently developed nuclear weapon, United Kingdom is one of the five nuclear-weapon states under the NPT and a permanent member of the UN Security Council.
pakistan-nuclear-countryPakistan is the only Muslim country to possess nuclear weapons. The nation established Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) in 1956.
india-nuclear-countryIndia and signed and ratified both the Biological Weapons Convention and the Chemical Weapons Convention. It was inducted as a member of the Missile Technology Control Regime in 2016.
isreal-nuclear-countryIsrael is the sixth country in the world to have developed nuclear weapons. It is one of the four nuclear-armed countries not recognized as a Nuclear Weapons State by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).
n-korea-nuclear-countryIn 2009, North Korea declared having developed a nuclear weapon in addition to possessing a small stockpile of simple nuclear weapons.
iran-nuclear-country With first-hand knowledge of WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction), Iran has currently signed treaties rejecting the possession of weapons of mass destruction including the Biological Weapons Convention, the Chemical Weapons Convention and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Top 10 Countries With the Largest Nuclear Weapons video

CountryWarheads (Active/Total)Date of first test
The five nuclear-weapon states under the NPT
United States2,104 / 7,31516 July 1945 ("Trinity")
Russia1,600 / 8,00029 August 1949 ("RDS-1")
United Kingdom160 / 2253 October 1952 ("Hurricane")
France290 / 30013 February 1960 ("Gerboise Bleue")
Chinan.a. / 25016 October 1964 ("596")

CountryWarheads (Active/Total)Date of first test
Non-NPT nuclear powers
Indian.a. / 90–11018 May 1974 ("Smiling Buddha")
Pakistann.a. / 100–12028 May 1998 ("Chagai-I")
North Korean.a. / <109. October 2006

CountryWarheads (Active/Total)Date of first test
Undeclared nuclear powers
Israeln.a. / Suspected 80Unknown (suspected 22 September 1979)

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