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The province of Quang Tri lies near the demilitarized zone created between north and south Vietnam during the war. Still retaining some of the ravages of war, Quang Tri has however regained stability in recent times.
The provincial capital of Quang Tri is the town of Dong Ha.

An important part of the Central Highlands of Vietnam, the province of Quang Tri has a population of approximately 541,000, which comprises numerous ethnic communities of Quang Tri like Bru-Van, Kieu and Kinh. The holy land of La Vang and the Quang Tri Citadel, Tung Gate, Hien Luong Bridge and Vinh Moc tunnels are some of the interesting spots in Quang Tri.

Quang Tri City is the chief city of this province of Vietnam. The Quang Tri city is situated on the east bank of one of the important rivers of Quang Tri province, the Thach Han river. The city of Quang Tri is located in an inland area on the Route 1 at a distance of 10 km from the Gulf of Tonkin.

The topography of Quang Tri province was largely affected by the Vietnamese war. The fertility of the soil decreased and as a result, agriculture, the main occupation of the people, suffered damage. Subsistence farming is the chief means of livelihood in Quang Tri in recent times. The climate of Quang Tri is tropical monsoon type.

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