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Where is Turkmenistan ?
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Turkmenistan is situated between Kazakhstan and Iran. A Central Asian country Turkmenistan is surrounded by Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan. The geographical particulars of the country are shown in the map of Turkmenistan. Various tourist spots and politically significant areas are also indicated in the Turkmenistan map.

According to an official estimate of July 2007 the total population of Turkmenistan stands at 5,097,028. Turkmenistan airlines plays a major role in connecting the capital city of the country – Ashgabat – to Asia, Europe and Russia. Industries like petroleum products, natural gas, textiles and oil generate revenue for Turkmenistan. Grain and cotton are the two prime agricultural products of Turkmenistan.

Last Updated : November 18, 2014

The Turkmenistan Flag, often described as one most detailed flag in the world, was officially adopted on 19 th February, 1997. The Turkmenistan Flag has a green background.
Facts about Turkmenistan
Official Name Turkmenistan
Lat Long39.0206° N, 58.7951° E
Largest CityAshgabat
Official LanguageTurkmen
Major ReligionAs of 2001 they were 35.8% Baptists, 11.7% Members of the Church of God, 11.4% Catholics, 10% Anglicans, 9.3% Methodists, 6% Seventh-Day Adventists, 1.8% Jehovah's Witnesses and 14% other
National dayOctober 27 - Independence Day
Form of GovernmentUnitary dominant-party presidential republic
PresidentGurbanguly Berdimuhamedow
CurrencyTurkmenistan manat
GDP$43.359 billion 2011 estimate
Calling code993
Time ZoneTMT (UTC+5)

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