Facts about Turkmenistan

Official Name Turkmenistan
Lat Long39.0206° N, 58.7951° E
Area488,100 sq km
Largest CityAshgabat
Official LanguagesTurkmen
Major ReligionAs of 2001 they were 35.8% Baptists, 11.7% Members of the Church of God, 11.4% Catholics, 10% Anglicans, 9.3% Methodists, 6% Seventh-Day Adventists, 1.8% Jehovah's Witnesses and 14% other
National DayOctober 27 - Independence Day
Form of GovernmentUnitary presidential republic under a highly authoritarian state
PresidentGurbanguly Berdimuhamedow
Vice PresidentNA
Prime MinisterNA
CurrencyTurkmenistan manat
GDP$43.359 billion 2011 estimate
Calling Code993
Time ZoneTMT (UTC+5)
Internet TLD.tm

Last Updated on: July 11th, 2018