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Serbia Map

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Where is Serbia ?
Serbia Map
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The Serbia map provides detailed information on the exact geographical location of the country in the southeastern part of Europe. The map of Serbia further points out the climatic variations, natural vegetations, varied topography and notable places of tourist interests and prominent cities of the country.

Serbia encompasses total area of 88,361 sq km. According to the census data of July 2007, Serbia holds a multi-ethnic and multi religious population of 10,150,265. The prominent racial groups of Serbia include Serb, Yugoslav, Hungarian, Montenegrin, Romany, Bosniaks and other minority groups. The Republic of Serbia adheres to the republican form of government.

Points of Interest :
  • Golubac Fortress
  • Vrnjačka Banja
  • Đavolja Varoš
  • Zlatibor
  • Guča Trumpet Festival
  • EXIT festival
  • Zlatibor
  • Kopaonik
  • Tara
  • Vrnjačka Banja
  • Đavolja varoš
  • Guča trumpet festival
International Airport :
  • Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport
  • Pristina International Airport
  • Niš Constantine the Great Airport
  • Vršac International Airport

Last Updated On : April 24, 2014

The Serbia National Flag was finally acquired in 7th April in the year of 1992.The ratio of the flag is described as 2:3.
Lat Long44.9778° N, 20.1268° E
Largest CityBelgrade
Official LanguageSerbian, Hungarians, Bosniaks
Major Religion85% Eastern Orthodox Christian, 5.5% Roman Catholic Christian, 3.2% Muslim
National day15 February
Form of GovernmentParliamentary republic
PresidentTomislav Nikolic
Prime MinisterAleksandar Vucic
CurrencySerbian dinar (RSD)
GDP$10,500 (2012 est.)
Calling code381
Time ZoneCET (UTC+1)
Internet, .cp

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