Facts about Serbia

There are are so many fascinating Serbia facts that have the power to enlighten and inform thoseinterested in learning about various dimensions of the nation.
The geographical facts about Serbia state about its continental climate, mountains and natural attractions. The ethnicity of the country features among the interesting Serbia facts with various Serbian, Hungarians, Bosnian, Montenegrin, and Albanian groups. The population of Serbia is largely dominated by Serbians. The main language of Serbia is of course Serbian along with others like Bosnian, Albanian, and Hungarian. Serbia flag had gone through many alterations and is presently composed of red, white and blue horizontal stripes. The Serbian government is thoroughly Republican. Serbia infrastructure pertaining to roads, railway, telecommunications etc. has seen a gradual progress and development.

Other Serbia Facts

It is quite helpful to learn about certain Serbia facts, prior to visiting the beautiful and colorful country.
The knowledge of Serbia facts such as how to reach Serbia and the best flights that reach the country in time are useful. After reaching the desired destination, the information about the proper Serbia facts and its elegant cities are a must. Each city in Serbia is endowed with fascinating historical and background information that triggers the tourists' enthusiasm. Belgrade is the capital of Serbia that showcases the best aspects of the country. Tourists are also attracted to other Serbian cities as well like Novi Sad Serbia, Nis Serbia, Krusevac, Cacak, Sombor and other beautiful cities.

Last Updated on: July 2nd, 2018