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Serbian National Day

The National Day of Serbia : 
Declaration of Independence The country of Serbia is located at the crossroads of Central and Eastern Europe. The country celebrates its National Day on 15February. It is also known as Dan državnosti Srbije. This date has two historical significances. It marks the date of the First Serbian uprising in 1804. The Serbian constitution was officially adopted on this date in 1835.
History : 
During the Middle Ages, Serbia was under the control of the Byzantine Empire. However, when Constantinople was conquered by the Ottoman Empire, Serbia became vulnerable and was finally conquered by the Ottomans in 1521 after resisting the invaders for almost 70 years. In addition, a part of Serbia came under the rule of the Austrian Empire in 1717.

The First Serbian Revolution against the Ottoman rule happened in 1804. This uprising was led by the Duke Karadorde Petrovic and it started on 15 February. However, the country was re-occupied by the Ottoman army after a decade. The Second Serbian Uprising took place a little later and was led by Milos Obrenovic, which ended in 1815. In 1829, the suzerainty of Serbia was recognized by the Treaty of Adrianopole. The first constitution of the country was adopted on 15 February 1835. Today, this day is celebrated as the National Day of Serbia.

Songs : 
Article 7 of the constitution of Serbia designates "Lord, give us justice" as the National Anthem of the country. The Serbian name is "Boze pravde". The song was the National Anthem of the principality of Serbia and was proposed by the Serbian Parliament on 17 August 2004. It was formally adopted on 8 November 2006. The original song was written in 1872 by Jovan Đorđević as a part of a theatrical composition and the music was composed by Davorin Jenko. The song was also sometimes known as the Serbian National prayer. Today, the lyrics have been slightly modified to emphasize that Serbia is no longer a monarchy.

A translation of the song is as follows : 
God of Justice, You who saved us
From disasters till this day,
Hear from now on, our voices,
And from now on, save us!

Defend with Your mighty hand,
That very future Serbia walks to,
God save; God protect, (*)
Serbian lands and Serbian people! (*)

Bind them closer, brother Serbians
Teach them to proudly work and love,
United, our enemies we'll conquer
and Serbia's cities we will defend.

Serbia's golden fruits of friendship are riping
united high from our liberty's tree,
God save; God protect, (*)
Serbian lands and Serbian people! (*)

Save all Serbians from Your anger,
Thunder coming from up above,
Bless every Serbian village,
Mountain, meadow, town and home!

When the days of battle happen,
to the victory lead the pace,
God save, God protect,(*)
Serbian lands and Serbian people!(*)

In that sepulcher of years
Serbia's glory rises anew,
A new era now is dawning,
That new beginning, that God gave us!

Sustain for us the Serbian fatherland,
just like the five centuries passed,
God save, God protect,(*)
Thus entreats the Serbian people!(*)

Celebration : 
Public institutions, banks and schools remain closed on the Serbian National Day in the country. An official ceremony is held at the spot of historical uprising. The President, Prime Minister and several political dignitaries assemble here and lay laurel wreaths on the spot. This is accompanied by full military and state honors. A speech is normally given.

The Serbian National Day is a serious celebration of commemorating historical events. There is no real music or partying, though Serbian embassies around the world celebrate with parties.

Customs : 
15 February has religious significance as well. So, liturgy is included as a traditional part of the celebrations.

Facts : 
There are quite a few other national holidays and celebrations in Serbia which are celebrated with more enthusiasm. The fact is that this National Day has only been adopted recently and has not yet grown into a full-fledged tradition.

Last Updated : February 18, 2014

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