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Where is Norway

by Vishal Kumar

Where is Norway Located on the world map? Norway is located in Northern Europe and lies between latitudes 62 0 0' N and longitudes 10 00' E.

Where is Norway Located?


The country of Norway is on the Europe continent and the latitude and longitude of the country are 62°00’N and 10°00’E.

The neighboring countries of Norway are:

  1. Finland
  2. Russia
  3. Sweden


Facts About Norway

Country Name Norway
Continent Europe
Capital and largest city of Norway Oslo
Area 385,178[4] km2 (148,718 sq mi ) Water (%) 5.2
Population 5.5 million estimated 2022
Lat Long of Norway 62° 0′ 0″ N, 10° 0′ 0″ E
Official Language Norwegian (Bokmal / Nynorsk) and Lule Sami, Northern Sami, Southern Sami
Calling Code +47
Time Zone CET (UTC+1) Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Airports in Norway 96 Airports
Neighbor countries Sweden, Finland, Russia
Internet TLD .no
Currency Norwegian krone (NOK)

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