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Full name Kingdom of Norway
Capital City Oslo
Language Norwegian Bokmal (official). The two official languages of Norway are Bokmal and Nynorsk. Northern Sami is another language.
Currency Norwegian Krone
Religion Christian, Muslim
National Anthem "Ja, VI elsker dette landet" that can be interpreted as "Yes, We Love This Country".
Newspaper Aftenposten, Bondebladet, Dagbladet, Dagsavisen, Finansavisen, Handelsbladet FK, Magazinet, Verdens Gang etc.
Places to Visit Central Norway, Oslo, Tromso, Akershus Slott & Festning, Emanuel Vigeland Museum, Heddal stave church, Jotunheimen National Park, Norsk Folkemuseum etc are the tourist attractions of the country.
Transport Airways: frequent flights are available between various plces.
Railways:frequent trains are also there between Oslo and Copenhagen and also between Helsingborg and Stockholm.
Shopping Local Norwegian handicrafts, silverworks, potteries, furs, woven articles, knitwear, woodcarving, silver, enamel, pewter, glass and porcelain are found in cheap prices in this country.

Introduction To Norway :
The name "Norway" was originated from the phrase "the Northern Way". Now the name signifies the position of the country i.e. in the northern region of Europe.

Physical Map Of Norway :
On the face of Norway, there are mountains, uplands, lowlands and tablelands. Almost two-third of the surface is covered with mountainous regions.

Norway Map
Coastal regions also cover a considerable area of the country. Besides that some valleys and tundra are also there in the land of Norway. The highest altitude of the country is the Galdhopiggen peak that rises almost 2,469 meters above the sea level. On the other hand the lowest point of the country is the Norwegian Sea.

Norway Location Map

Location Of Norway :
The Kingdom of Norway is located in the northern region of the European continent and in the western region of the Scandinavian Peninsula .

The neighboring nations that share their borders with Norway, are Sweden in the eastern side, Finland and Russia. Norway is in fact a Nordic country.

Norway Flag

Flag Of Norway :
A flag of a country is of great importance. It not only bears the significance of the nation, but also bears its individuality. The flag of Kingdom of Norway is beautiful.

The background of the flag is red and a blue cross is featured in it. This blue cross is bordered with white and it is stretched towards the hoist side of the flag. The Norwegian flag has a little similarity with the Danish flag.

Climate Of Norway :
It is important to know about the climate of the country you are going to visit. During the months between November and March, the weather becomes very cold and the temperature sometimes reaches below 0°. Towards the coastal region the weather is comparatively mild. Rainfall occurs throughout the year. However the climate during the months between May and September is the most suitable for the tourists.

Flora And Fauna Of Norway :
•  Flora : The vegetation of the kingdom of Norway is very rich with various unique species of planes. Conifers such as spruce, fir, pine etc grow in large amount in the forests of Norway. Oak, elm, maple, ash and so on are also common in this country. Towards the mountainous regions, dwarf willow, dwarf birch, lichens and some species of arctic plants are found.

•  Fauna : The animal life of Norway is also diverse. Various species of animals like elk, red deer, badger, roe deer, wild fox, lynx, otter etc are found in the forests of the country. You will also find rare species of birds in Norway. Some of these are capercaillie, black grouse etc. the water bodies of the country contains several species of fishes such as trout, salmon, char and so on.

People Of Norway :
The total population of Norway is almost 4,546,123. The ethnic groups of the country are Norwegian and Sami. Nordic people are the majority of this huge population. Minorities of the country are Alpine & Baltic and Sami. There are two official languages in this country. These are Norwegian Bokmal and Norwegian Nynorsk.

Art, Culture And Music Of Norway :
•  Art : In Norway, photography is a very popular art form. Besides that, poetry is also very popular in this country. G lasswork, jewelry, metalware, etc are also practiced in the various parts of the country. The pagan Eddaic poems and the skaldic verses, which belong to the ninth century, are still popular among the Norwegian people.

•  Culture : In the presence of various ethnic groups, Norway has developed a diverse cultural ambiance. Music, drama and dance are encouraged in this country.

•  Music: The native folk music is very popular in Norway. Edvard Grieg is one of the very famous musicians of the country. Violin, guitar etc are the musical instruments. A jazz festival in Molde is very popular.

Economy Of Norway :
Norway is an economically stable country. It is partially dependent on its natural resources and agricultural products. Farming and fishing are the two major occupations of the Norwegian people. The natural resources are natural gas, iron ore, petroleum, copper, zinc, titanium, lead, pyrites, nickel, timber, hydropower and so on. Some of the agricultural resources of the country are barley, pork, potatoes, beef, veal etc. The industries that are growing fast in this country are food processing industry, shipbuilding industry, petroleum and gas, paper industry, metal industry, textile industry, timber industry, mining industry and so on. The primary export materials of Norway are petroleum products, ships, fish, metals etc. UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, US, Sweden are the nations that are involved in the export business with Norway.