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Niger Facts

Important FAQs about Niger

Where is Niger?
The Republic of Niger is a landlocked country in West Africa. It is bordered by Nigeria and Benin to the south, Burkina Faso and Mali to the west, Algeria and Libya to the north and Chad to the east. It is named after the Niger River. Niger is the largest nation in West Africa and covers a land area of almost 489,678 square miles.

What is the capital of Niger?
Niamey is the capital of Niger. It is situated on the east bank of the Niger River. It is an administrative, cultural and economic center, and has the largest mosque in the country, The Grand Mosque of Niamey. It is also the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Niamey.

What is the currency of Niger?
West African CFA franc is the currency of Niger. The acronym CFA stands for Communaute Financiere d' Afrique. Its ISO 4217 code is XOF and is issued by Central Bank of the West African States. The franc is subdivided into 100 centimes but no centime denomination have been issued.

Which is the largest city of Niger?
Niamey is the largest city of Niger. It was probably founded in the eighteenth century. It became an important center during the French colonial period. Niger is located in the pearl millet growing region. It has an estimated population of 774,235 and covers an area of 92.4 square miles.

What is the official language of Niger?
French is the official language of Niger. Hausa, Djema, Fulfulde, Kanuri, Tamachek, Toubou and Arabic are other national languages spoken in the country.

What is the religion of Niger?
Islam is the dominant religion in Niger. It is practiced by more than 90% of the population. Christians account for less than 5% of the population while rest of the population practice traditional indigenous religious beliefs.

What is the literacy rate of Niger?
Literacy rate of Niger is very low: 29%. Primary education is compulsory for six years.

What is the national emblem of Niger?
The emblem of Niger depicts a four-part flag draping in the orange, white and green. In the middle, a white shield is placed. On the shield there are four golden symbols. In the middle, there is a sun, to the left there is a vertical spear with two crossed Tuareg swords, to the right there are three pearl millet heads and at the bottom is a Zebu head. Beneath the shield and the flags, there is a ribbon bearing the name of country in French: Republique du Niger. It was adopted in 1959.

Who is the political leader of Niger?
Niger is a semi-presidential representative democratic republic. The president of the country is the head of the state, while the prime minister is the head of the government. Both the government and the national assembly have the legislative powers, while the executive power is exercised only by the government.
Mahamadou Issoufou is the current president of Niger. He served as the prime minister of the country from 1993 to 1994. He assumed office on April 7, 2011. Former minister of agriculture and the fourth vice-president of the national assembly, Brigi Rafini is the current prime minister of the country. He assumed office on April 7, 2011.

When is the national day of Niger celebrated?
The national day of Niger, also known as the republic day, is celebrated on December 18. Since 1958, December 18 has been a historic day though it was not declared a national festival until 2005. This day commemorates the founding of the republic and the creation of presidency of Niger.

What is the economy of Niger like?
Niger is a developing country. It ranks 167 out of 169 countries in terms of the United Nations' Human Development Index (HDI). The GDP of the country is 10.75 billion dollars and the economy is based primarily upon internal markets, subsistence agriculture and export of raw commodities. Japan, Nigeria, France, Algeria and Belgium are the main trading partners of the country. Niger exports Uranium ore, livestock, cow peas and onions while it imports machinery, food, vehicles and petroleum.

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