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Niger Travel Places

Niger in the recent years has attracted numerous tourists from across the globe. As a result, many tour operators in Niger have started functioning to attract more number of tourists to the country.
There are various schemes and packages that are offered by the Niger tour operators, to make their proposal look attractive. There are several types of tour packages and tour plans that are devised by the tour operators.

Tour Operators in Nigercaters to the various requirements of the tourists. The Niger tour operators will also take care of the flight bookings. If a large number of tickets are booked at one time, there are ample chances of receiving a discount on the rates of the tickets. Lodging facilities in Niger is also arranged by the tour operators and travel agencies. The price range has to be suggested by the customers and the required job is done by the various tour operators in Niger.

Niger Embassy
Niger is a landlocked country situated in the western part of the African continent. Niger embassy is located all over the world.
A number of foreign countries also maintain a diplomatic presence in the West African country.

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Niger embassy requires all visitors to the African country to have a visa issued by the diplomatic mission. The Niger embassies requires all potential visitors to the country to have a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of submission of the document to the Embassy of Niger. The prospective visitor must obtain an International Vaccination Certificate from an authorized body before traveling to the West African country. The International Vaccination Certificate must list the person to be vaccinated against Yellow Fever. Cholera vaccination may also be required at times. Three passport size photographs and completed visa application forms are also to be submitted by the prospective traveler to the Niger Diplomatic Mission.

Niger Visa
A Niger visa is a compulsory requirement for all foreigners or non Niger citizens who wish to visit the landlocked West African country.

There is no 'visa on arrival' scheme on any international border zone of the country.

The Niger visa is granted by the Niger embassy or any comparable Niger diplomatic mission worldwide. The Niger government follows international norms for granting visas to non-Niger nationals. The visas are categorized into two types. These two variations of Niger visa are the tourist or business visas or transit visas for traveling via Niger to other international destinations. A visa for Niger is compulsory for any point of contact with Niger soil.

All travelers to the country require a passport issued by their respective countries. The passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of Niger visa application. The prospective visitor to Niger must also provide three passport size photographs and duly completed visa application form to the Niger diplomatic mission. The Niger visas requirements also requires the visitor to obtain an International Vaccination Certificate relating to Yellow Fever inoculation. Cholera vaccination may also be required if deemed necessary. Niger visa applicants may apply for either the one month or three months valid visa.

The main attraction in Niger is the Sahara Desert. There are various tour operators, who operate tours only to the Sahara Desert in Niger. Niger Voyages, a renowned Niger tour operator conducts tours to the great Sahara. The tour operator arranges for transportation, accommodation and food in the Sahara Desert. Local sight-seeing in the desert is also arranged.

Agadez Car Rental
Agadez car rental is essential for observing the stark beauty of the desert landscape.
Agadez lies along the ancient trade routes of the Sahara. The Agadez car rental companies enable the visitor to hire the use of a car to facilitate the observation and even participation in the activities of the proud Tuareg people inhabiting the region. The car rental companies in Agadez offer its customers a wide choice of cars to accommodate their every conceivable need. International car hire companies like Hertz operate in the region. The Hertz Company hires out rugged 4 wheel drive vehicles specially suited for the hostile desert terrain. Local car rental firms in Agadez offers their clients a range of vehicles suited to their tourist needs.

Trekking in Niger
Trekking in Niger can be an extraordinary experience. With landscape features varying from extensive deserts to valleys and plateaus, there are ample opportunities for trekking in Niger. Niger trekking is not only concentrated in the mountains and valleys in Niger, but are carried on in the deserts also. The activity of trekking in Niger can span from few days to few months.

Trekking in Nigerin the Sahara Desert can be a wonderful experience for travelers and adventurers. A camel caravan assisted by the tribals of the country is the best part of the trekking adventure in the desert. The tribals have their own customs and tribals and these can also be enjoyed on a trekking adventure in Niger.

Trekking in Mont Bagzane is also an adventurous game in Niger. The Bagzane Plateau offers a wonderful trekking destination to tourists. Avid trekkers will find it much easier to trek in the area as the plateau is just 1,500-2,000 meters above sea-level. There are many oases on the top of the plateau as well as several volcanoes. There are many gardens and small villages in Mont Bagzane. The nomadic tribe, Touareg is mainly found in this place.

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