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Full name: Republic of Niger
Capital of Niger:Niamey
Language:French, Hausa, Djerma, Tamajaq
Currency:West African CFA franc
Religion:Muslim, Christians and some native beliefs
National Anthem:"La Nigerienne"
Newspaper: Le Republicain is the only newspaper in Niger. However some other online newspapers are Africa Time, Afrol, Tam Tam Info etc.
Places to Visit: Niamey, Agadez Grande Mosquee, Parc National Du W Du Niger, Tenere Desert etc are the tourist attractions of the country.
Transport:Airways: frequent charter flights between vzarious place are avilable.
Shopping:Local artifacts, leather goods, colorful blankets, engraved calabashes, swords, silver jewelry, knives etc are found in cheap price in this country.
The name of the country Republic of Niger was originally came from the river Niger. The republic regained its independence in the year 1960 from the reign of France.

Location Of Niger

Niger is located in the western region of the African continent. The bordering nations are Nigeria and Benin in the southern side, Algeria and Libya in the northern region, Burkina Faso and Mali in the western side and Chad in the eastern region.

Physical Map Of Niger

Republic of Niger is a sub-Saharan country that is landlocked country. Most of the surface of the country is desert land. Sand dunes, uplands, hills etc cover the face of the country. Savanna also covers a major portion of Niger.

Flag of Niger

The Niger Flag is a square shaped simple one. It contains total three colors. In the fag, there are three horizontal blocks. All the bands are of same size. The upper band is colored in orange, the bottom one is green and the middle band is white. The white band bears an orange circle in the center. This circle is a symbol of the sun. The Nigerien flag resembles to the Indian flag to some extent. The Indian flag has a blue wheel in place of the orange circle. The colors of the Nigerien flag are representative of the various climactic conditions of the country.

Climate Of Niger

To describe the climate of Niger "hot" is the perfect word. The average temperature throughout the year remains 30°C. A major portion of the country is covered by desert. So the climate is also influence by that. Sometimes the temperature also reaches 50°C. The weather becomes extreme hot during the months between March and June. The months of December, January and February are relatively cold. The southern regions are mostly characterized with tropical climate.

Flora And Fauna Of Niger
  • Flora: Rainfall is very rare in the Republic of Niger. Naturally this is the reason that very low vegetation can be seen in the forests of Niger. The herbaceous vegetation is the result of the savanna region. In this vegetation you will find various species of kapok, baobab, bastard mahogany, shea tree and so on.
  • Fauna: On the other hand the animal life is full of unique species and great varieties. Species of antelope, hyena, waterbuck, leopard, lion, monkey, wart hog etc can be seen in the forests and all over the country. Various unique birds and insects are also found in Niger. The water bodies of Niger contain hippopotamuses, crocodiles and manatee. You will also find turtles, horned vipers, lizards, pythons etc in various places of the country.

People Of Niger The total population of Niger is almost 12,525,094. The Hausa race occupies more than 50% of this huge population. Djerma also covers a considerable amount of the total population. The other minorities are Fula, Tuareg, Beri Beri, Arab, Toubou, and Gourmantche. The official language of this country is French. However Hausa, Djerma, Tamajaq etc are also spoken widely in various parts of the country.

Art, Culture And Music Of Niger

  • Art: Niger has an inclination towards art and crafts. In various corners of the country, artifacts, leather works, blankets, calabash engraving, silver works etc are practiced very popularly. Agadez Cross is a very famous artifact of Niger.
  • Culture: Niger has developed a diverse cultural environment in the presence of various ethnicities. Architecture, music and dance are given high respect in the tradition of Niger. Sport is also a popular form of entertainment. Sorro is a sport of Nigerien tradition. Camel racing is also another sport of this country.
  • Music: In Niger people love music and also practice it. Some of the musical instruments are tinde, viol etc. Tinde is kind of drum that is used especially in the female songs. On the other hand viol is a stringed instrument that is used in the male songs.

    Economy Of Niger

    Nigeria is a very poor country. The economy of the country partially depends on its agriculture and partially on its export trade. The agricultural products are cotton, peanuts, cowpeas, millet, cassava, rice, sorghum etc. Some of the industries that are growing fast in this country are cement industry, brick industry, uranium mining industry, soap industry, textile industry, food processing industry and so on. Uranium ore, cowpeas, livestock, onions etc are the primary export commodities of the country. The countries, which take part in this export business with Niger, are France, US and Nigeria.