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Niger Attractions

by Vishal Kumar

Niamey Attractions Niamey is the capital of the country of Niger. It the largest city of Niger and it lies on the Niger River. It is the cultural, administrative and…

Niamey Attractions

Niamey is the capital of the country of Niger. It the largest city of Niger and it lies on the Niger River. It is the cultural, administrative and also the economic center of the country. In Niamey, millets are grown and there are also some manufacturing industries like, cement, bricks and ceramic goods. Niamey Attractions include the Niger National Museum. There is a zoo, craft center and a museum of vernacular architecture in Niamey.

Niamey Attractions also include Grand Marche, which is a famous market area in the place. Musee Nationale du Niger is a must visiting place in Niamey. This place is close to the River Niamey. There are also many famous restaurants in Niamey. The city of Niamey has the Diori Hamani International Airport. Visitors can also visit the American School of Niamey. The city has got interesting local music which would definitely attract the tourists.

Another major attraction of the city of Niamey is the giraffe herd which is situated at about 45 minutes outside of the city. Guided tours are available for the tourists to visit the place. To get into the city of Niamey is not a problem. The tourists can take flights from France to come to the city of Niamey. Taxis are available to tour inside the city.

The tourists can also visit the Wadata Artisanal village which is famous for traditional craft goods which are simply excellent to look at. Eating out in the city is not at all a problem.

Agadez Attractions

Agadez is the largest city in the country of Niger. Agadez in Niger is important and famous as a market town of the country. Agadez Attractions include the Mosque of Agadez which was built in the 16th century. Agadez is also a center of transportation of uranium, which is mined in the area. Agadez Attractions also include the Kaocen Palace, which now has been transformed into a hotel.

Agadez is the capital of the Agadez Department. Agadez is divided into three administrative divisions:

  • Arlit
  • Tchirozerine
  • Bilma

The other attractions of Agadez include the central market, the Sultan’s Palace. There is a camel market in the city. The tourists to Agadez can also visit the shops were silver articles are sold. In Agadez another interesting spot is the Croix da Agadez. The metal works which are available in the Artisan Center is also very famous in the city.

Excursions can be made to the Air Mountains on the back of camels if the political permits could be made available. The Tuaregs reside at the Air Mountains. The Old Quarter in the city is also a place worth visiting. The sand alleys of the place would certainly attract the tourists. Another important attraction in Agadez is the Heinrich Barth Residence.

Zinder Attractions

Zinder is located in the country of Niger. It is the second largest city of the country. Zinder was occupied by the French in the year 1899. The city

also became the first capital of the country when Niger became a military territory. Zinder is the capital of the Zinder Department. Zinder Attractions include many nice places in the city, which the tourists would certainly enjoy.

Zinder Attractions include the Zengou Quarter where the tourists would get to see some of the spectacular Hausa architecture. The attractions in Zinder also include the visit to the Grande Mosquee and the palace of the Sultan. Zinder Grande Mosquee is a religious building in the city of Zinder in Niger.

In Zinder, Grande Marche is also an attractive place in the city. This is a Market place in the city which can be the happening spot for the tourists. the artisan center in zinder is another spot where thetourists canvisit. this visitors would find leathersilversmiths.

In the city of Zinder there are three major areas. There is the old town of Birni, which the tourists can visit. There is a museum in this town. The place of Zengou, which is a settlement of Hausa, is famous for the architecture and the commercial center of the city of Zinder is Sabon Gari.

Places of Worship in Niger

Niger in Africa is a country, where Islam is the dominant religion. As a result, the main places of worship in Niger are mosques. Religion plays a very important role in the life of the Niger people. While majority of the population in Niger follows Islam, there are few people, who follow the indigenous religion of the country and Christianity. There are many customs and beliefs that are followed by the people of Niger.

Among the most important places of worship in Niger, are the mosques in the country. Yamma Mosque is the most renowned of the all the mosques in the country. The mosque was established in the year 1962 in a village in Niger by the same name as the mosque.

The mosque was built keeping all the traditional values and custom in mind. The mosque is visited by numerous people, who are followers of Islam, every Friday. Contributions are made by the people of the country for the up-gradation and maintenance of the mosque.

Since Christianity is also one of the religions that are followed in Niger, there are a few churches in the country too. Many Anglican churches have been demolished and destroyed in the country. Churches are also important places of worship in Niger after the mosques.

Parks in Niger

Niger is a country in the African continent that abounds in wildlife. Parks in Niger act as reserves and conservation areas for these wildlife species.
Many animals in the African forests have become rare and endangered species and are protected in these national parks in Niger. The national parks in Niger are evidence of bio-diversity at its best. National Parks of Niger National parks of Niger are a treasure house of various species of fauna. There are two national parks in Niger that are worth-mentioning-the Abaaba National Park and W National Park. These national parks have also become a center of tourist attraction in the country.

The Abaaba National Park was established in the year 1987, with an objective of protecting the wildlife culture in the nearby areas.Human activity was hampering the ecological balance of the area. The national park in Niger contains many rare species of birds and animals, including the Black Rhino.

Another important national park of Niger is ‘W’ National Park. This Niger national park has been declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Spread over an expansive area of 2,20,000 hectares, the park is located on the banks of River Niger. There are innumerable species, which have made the national park their permanent home.Some of the wildlife species include elephants, giraffes, hyena, jackal, various forms of monkeys and baboons, duiker, hippopotamus, antelopes, hartebeest, gazelle, francolins, bustards, guinea-fowl, vultures, ibis, stork, egret and many more.

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