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New Zealand Facts

by Vishal Kumar

Where is New Zealand? New Zealand is an island country located in the south-western Pacific Ocean. It is composed of many small islands. What is the capital of New Zealand?…

Where is New Zealand?

New Zealand is an island country located in the south-western Pacific Ocean. It is composed of many small islands.

What is the capital of New Zealand?

Located at the southwestern tip of the North Island, Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand. It has a population of 389,700 and is the third-most populous urban area of the country.

What is the largest city in New Zealand?

Auckland, situated in the North Island of New Zealand, is the largest city in the country covering an area of 419.3 square miles. It is also the most-populous urban area in the country, with approximately 1,354,900 residents. In 2010, the World Cities Study Group’s inventory by Loughborough University classified Auckland as a Beta World City.

What countries border New Zealand?

New Zealand is bordered on the east by Australia, on the south by the Pacific island nations of New Caledonia, Fiji, and Tonga.

How big is the New Zealand?

New Zealand covers a total land area of 104,453 square miles. According to the 2010 census, the estimated population of the country is 4,393,500.

What are the main ethnic groups in New Zealand?

Sixty-seven percent of the population of New Zealand is of the European origin while the remaining are of the Maori group. The other ethnic groups in the country include Asian (9.2 percent) and Pacific peoples (6.9 percent). Some eleven percent are simply recognized as “New Zealanders.”

Who are the political leaders of New Zealand?

The government of New Zealand is a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy.
Monarch – Elizabeth II
Governor-General – Patsy Reddy
Prime Minister – Jacinda Ardern

What currency is used in New Zealand?

The New Zealand dollar, denoted by the ISO 4217 code NZD, is the official currency of New Zealand. One dollar is divided into 100 cents.

What is the official language of New Zealand?

English is the official and the most spoken language in New Zealand; almost ninety-eight percent of the population speaks English. Samoan French, Hindi, Yue and Northern Chinese are the other languages used. A significant part of the population also uses the sign language. It was made an official language in 2006.

What is the religion of New Zealand?

The predominant religion in New Zealand is Christianity. The major Christian denominations include Anglicanism, Roman Catholicism, Pentecostalism, Baptism, Presbyterianism and Methodism. There are also minority religions in the country such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam.

What is the economy of New Zealand like?

New Zealand is characterized by a modern, prosperous and developed market economy. The New Zealand dollar is the official currency of New Zealand. As of 2010, the estimated gross domestic product of the country stood at $117.807 billion.

The major export industries in the country include horticulture, agriculture, fishing, forestry and mining. Wool has historically been one of the country’s major exports. United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, United States, and China are the major export partners.

When is the national day of New Zealand?

The national day of New Zealand is celebrated each year on February 6. The national day is called the Waitangi Day and is declared a public holiday. The day is celebrated to commemorate the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, on that date in 1840. The Treaty was the founding document of the country.

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