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Where is Grenada ?
Grenada is an island nation located in the Caribbean, at the southern end of the Grenadines in the Windward Islands group of the Lesser Antilles. Neighboring nations include Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The capital of Grenada is St. George's.
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Grenada is an island nation located in the Caribbean, and is located at the southern end of the Grenadines in the Windward Islands group of the Lesser Antilles. Neighboring nations include Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Grenada has an area of 344 square kilometers (132 square miles), and a population of 110,000. The capital and largest city of Grenada is St. George's.

Grenada's population is about 82 percent black, about 13 percent mixed, and the remaining percentage is divided between Europeans and native East Indians. The official languages of the island are English and also Grenadian Creole, which is based on English but incorporates Indian and African languages as well as French. Granadian Creole French is also spoken in rural parts of Grenada, and is known as Patois. The predominant religion in Grenada is Christianity, with minorities of Rastafarians, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhist, and Baha'i.

Grenada was inhabited by its native Island Caribs before European contact. Europeans arrived in Grenada around 1500, but a colony was not formed on the island until 1649, when the French founded their settlement. The French took over the island, naming it La Grenade, leading to the indigenous people either perishing or fleeing to neighboring islands. The French cultivated sugar cane and indigo, and established Fort Royal as their capital. After the 1763 Treaty of Paris, Grenada fell under British rule until the French captured it once again during the American Revolution. Grenada was restored as British colony in the 1783 Treaty of Versailles and became a Crown colony in 1877. The British cultivated nutmeg on the island, lending Grenada the nickname “Spice Island” and today, Grenada supplies about 40 percent of the world's nutmeg supply. Grenada was granted independence from the United Kingdom in 1974.

Grenada, an island nation, is located north of Tobago and Trinidad. The terrain of Grenada is volcanic in nature. Caribbean Sea (0m) is the lowest point of Grenada and Mount Saint Catharine ( 840m) is the highest point. The population of Grenada, as per the estimate of July 2007 was 89,971. In the political map of Grenada, the major cities, the neighboring islands and the internal divisions are indicated by using various types of symbols. Tourism is the major sector of economy for Grenada.

Grenada Features : 
The island nation of Grenada is located at southeastern Caribbean Sea. In the Western Hemisphere, Grenada happens to be the second smallest self-governing country. Grenada Dove is the national bird of the island nation. The geographical coordinates of Grenada are 12° 7' North latitude and 61° 40' West longitude. The total area of the island is 344 square kilometers. Grenada has 121 kilometers of coastline. The climate of the country is tropical and the region is tempered by northeastern trade winds.

Grenada Cities : 
The major cities of Grenada are marked in the printable Grenada map by black dots. Some of the indicated cities in the Grenada map are:
  • Calivigny
  • Belmont
  • Saint Davis
  • Grand Roy
  • Marquis
  • Grenville
  • Grenville
  • Tivoli
  • Victoria
  • Sauteurs
Grenada Boundaries : 
The international boundaries of Grenada are highlighted in the map by using black lines. The surrounding places of Grenada, which are shown in the political printable map of Grenada, are:
  • Venezuela
  • Trinidad& Tobago
  • St Vincent& The Grenadines
  • Barbados
  • St Lucia
  • Antigua& Bermuda
  • St Kitts& Nevis
Grenada Administrative divisions : 
There are six parishes in Grenada. The internal administrative boundaries of the island nation are marked in the map by colored lines. The parishes have been clearly indicated in the political map of Grenada. The six parishes that are printed in the map are:
  • Saint George
  • Saint Davis
  • Saint Andrews
  • Saint John
  • Saint Mark
  • Saint Patrick
The islands that fall under the administrative division of Grenada are indicated in the political Grenada map. The names of the island are:
  • Bird Island
  • Sandy Island
  • Green Island
  • Caille Island
  • Ronde Island
  • Les Tantes
  • Diamond Island
Grenada Capital : 
St George's is the capital of Grenada. The geographic coordinates of St George are 12° 3' North latitude and 61° 45' West longitude. The altitude of St George's is 85 feet. Some of the airports that are located nearby St George's are Point Salines Intl, Tvsm Mustique, Tvsc Canouan, Tvsb J F Mitchell. Some of the nearby cities of St George's are:
  • Grand Mal
  • Fontenoy
  • Mount Gay
  • Hyde Park
  • Parade
  • Mount Helicon
  • Richmond Hill
  • Ravine
  • White Gun
  • Tempe
  • Morne Rouge
  • Gwa Kay
  • Belmont
  • Falege
  • Ka-fe Beau
  • The Lime
  • Cafe
  • Morne Jaloux Ridge
  • Clarkes Court
  • Springs
  • Paddock
  • The Bocas
  • Tanteen
Saint Andrew24,6619135Grenville
Saint David11,4764718Saint David's
Saint George35,5596726Saint George's
Saint John8,5573915Gouyave
Saint Mark3,955239Victoria
Saint Patrick10,6244417Sauteurs
7 divisions100,895345133

Note  : - Pop-2001: 2001-05-25 census (preliminary, adjusted)


Last Updated On : May 08, 2014

The flag of Grenada is red, green, and gold, which are pan-African colors, reflecting Grenada's historical ties to Africa. The flag features six stars and the symbol of a nutmeg.
ContinentNorth America
Lat Long12.2826° N, 61.7170° W
CapitalSaint George's
Largest CitySaint George's
Official LanguageEnglish (official), French patois
Major ReligionRoman Catholic
National dayIndependence Day, 7 February (1974)
Form of GovernmentParliamentary democracy under constitutional monarchy
PresidentQueen Elizabeth II ( Monarch)
Vice PresidentCcile La Grenade (Governor General )
Prime MinisterKeith Mitchell
CurrencyEast Caribbean dollar (XCD)
GDP$1.467 billion 2012 estimate
Calling code+1-473
Time Zone(UTC-4)

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