Grenada Facts

Where is Grenada located ?
Grenada is a very small island country which lies towards the southern end of the Caribbean Sea. It includes Grenada and six small islands. Grenada is also popularly known as the “Island of Spice” as it is one of the largest producers of nutmeg and mace in the world. If you wish to enjoy a relaxed and quiet vacation without any kind of overcrowding and hustle and bustle, then Grenada is the perfect island to visit.

What is the population of Grenada ?
The island is very small and is not overly populated. The island of Grenada is inhabited by around 110,000 people.

How big is Grenada ?
Grenada is about 133 square miles in area. It is 21 miles long and 12 miles in width.

What is the capital city of Grenada ?
St. George’s is the capital city of Grenada and is one of the most beautiful cities in the Caribbean region. The population of Grenada is around 41,000.

What kind of government does Grenada have ?
The Grenada governance is a Constitutional Monarchy, wherein the Governor General represents the State. The executive powers are vested with the Prime Minister, who is the leader of the largest party within the Parliament. The Parliament has a governing body which comprises of 13 people and a House of Representatives of 15 people.

What kind of Economy prevails within Grenada ?
Grenada has to a great extent a tourism-based, small, open economy. In the course of recent decades, the economy has moved from one of primarily agri-business to that of services predominant, with tourism serving as the main foreign currency generating segment. The nation's main cash crops are nutmeg and mace. Other important cash crops are cocoa, citrus fruit like oranges, as well as apples, bananas, cloves, and cinnamon. Fabricating commercial enterprises in Grenada work for the most part on a little scale, including generation of drinks and different foodstuffs, materials, and the gathering of electronic segments for fare.

What religion is followed in Grenada ?
The religion followed in Grenada is Christianity. About half of the population is Roman Catholic accounting to around 53 percent. While other Protestant groups are that of Anglican, Presbyterian, and Seventh day Adventist.

Which is the main language spoken in Grenada ?
The official language is English. Grenadian Creole French is the other language spoken widely across the country.

What is the currency of Grenada ?
The East Caribbean dollar is the currency used locally. Euro and the British pounds can also be exchanged at local banks. ATMs are also easily accessible and you can also withdraw money easily.

When is the best time to visit Grenada ?
Grenada has a warm temperature throughout the year. Although the best times to visit are the months of December till mid-April, the beaches can be crowded as many visitors come to relax in this sunny weather taking a respite from the cold weather of their home countries. The months between April and mid-October are not that crowded, and you can mostly get to see honeymooners having a great time enjoying themselves in this relaxed and refreshing island. There are various summer festivals also which attract people. The cheapest season is between mid-October through mid-December due to the rainy season.

What are the major attraction in Grenada ?
  1. Beaches - Grenada Island is one of the most beautiful island with around 45 beaches which provide various opportunities for adventure, relaxation, snorkeling, diving, night life and so on. The best part is that no matter how exclusive the area looks, the beaches are open to the public for full enjoyment. Some of the best beaches in Grenada are The Grand Anse beach, Bathway Beach, Black Bay Beach, Anse La Roche, etc.

  2. Anse La Roche - It is one of the most awe-striking beaches in Carriacou, with beautiful coral reefs and palm trees. This beach has been untouched, and its beauty remains perfect.

  3. Bathway Beach - This Beach lies adjacent to a village. The Parish of St. Patrick surrounds it, with coral reef making a trail around it. There are some speciality shops where one can go. This makes this beach a socializing beach.

  4. Grand Anse Beach - This is one of the most attractive beaches around the world. The stretch of wide sand and clear water adjacent to the whole city makes it a perfect place to enjoy. You can relax venture out with many water sports activities. Many hotels, restaurants, and shops offer a variety of fun and adventure.

  5. Waterfalls - Another major attraction in Grenada are the beautiful waterfalls. The main waterfalls which provide various adventure are Annandale waterfalls, which is only a short drive from the capital city. The waterfalls are surrounded by rocky mountains and greenery. The sound of the waterfall is revitalizing for the whole being. A dip in this mesmerizing place is a must. The Royal Mt. Carmel waterfalls, also known as Marquis Waterfalls are the highest in the island. There are two waterfalls which are at a height of around 70 feet. The waterfalls are situated amongst a private plantation area. You need to pay an entrance fee to the owners to take a walk in this beautiful place.

  6. Seven Sisters - To reach this waterfall you need to trek along a forest and reach the first waterfall. Here you get a chance to do some adventure and find the other six waterfalls. The surroundings add more charm to the adventure.

  7. Gardens - Grenada offers its visitors to chance upon some of the most beautiful gardens displaying various species of tropical plants, herbs and flowers. Some of the main gardens are Belmont Estate Spice plantation, Hyde Park Tropical Garden, Smithy’s Garden, and so on.

There are other places of interest in Grenada, which give an insight into the island victories, people, and about the country. These include the world’s only West Indies museum which has preserved the victories and photographs of various aspects of the country. Then there is the Carriacou museum, and The Gouyave Nutmeg processing Station, which is one of the largest factories on the island which produces nutmeg. The island has the Rome museum which will leave you awestruck with its artifacts.

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Last Updated : August 13, 2018