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Ghana Map

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Where is Ghana ?
Ghana is a country located in West Africa, bordered by Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Burkina Faso, Togo and the Gulf of Guinea.

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Ghana Map
The official flag of Ghana consists of three bands of red, yellow and green colors. There is a black five point star at the center of the flag. It was adopted in 1957.

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The Republic of Ghana is an African nation, located in West Africa, and is bordered by Cote d'Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Togo, and the Gulf of Guinea. Ghana has an area of 238,535 square kilometers (92,098 square miles), and a population of about 24.2 million. The capital and largest city of Ghana is Accra.

In its early history, Ghana was occupied by various prehistoric Akan empires, including the Ashanti Kingdom, the Akwamu, Fante, as well as the Ewe and Ga. European contact in Ghana began with Portuguese explorers in the fifteenth century and was followed by the British establishment of the Gold Coast Crown Colony in 1874. The Gold Coast gained independence in 1957, as the first colonial African country to achieve independence. The name Ghana was selected for the new country to reflect the prehistoric Kingdom of Ghana that once extended across most of Western Africa. Its name means “warrior king.”

Ghana is made up of 10 regions, further divided into districts. The regions of Ghana are Ashanti, Brong Ahafo, Central, Easter, Greater Accra, Northern, Upper East, Upper West, Volta, and Western. The largest of the regions is the Northern region, while the smallest is the capital region, Greater Accra.


Last Updated On : March 08, 2013

Lat Long5°33'N0°15'W
Largest CityAccra
Official LanguageEnglish
Major ReligionRoman Catholic, Protestant, Indigenous Mayan Beliefs
National day6 March (1957)
Form of GovernmentUnitary presidential constitutional republic
PresidentJohn Dramani Mahama
Vice PresidentKwesi Amissah-Arthur
CurrencyGhana cedi (GH) (GHS)
GDP$97.5 billion 2014 estimate
Calling code233
Time ZoneGMT (UTC+0)