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Flag of Denmark

Also known as the Dannebrog, the national flag of Denmark is the oldest state flag. The flag was officially adopted on June 15, 1219.

Denmark Flag

Flag of Denmark

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The national flag of Denmark has a red field with a white Scandinavian cross extending
across the edges of the flag. The cross symbolizes Christianity and was later adopted by the Nordic countries including Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands. The color red stands for the courage, valor, and strength shown by the country men to protect the Kingdom from any foreign invasion. The Danish flag is among the oldest used national flag in the world. The use of the flag dates back to the thirteenth century when the Battle of Valdemar was fought. The battle was fought by the Danes to defeat Estonia and establish Danish administration in the country. After an unsuccessful struggle, the Danes were about to surrender. At the time a flag fell from the sky on June 15, 1219. The flag was believed to have been God's gift and was named Danneberg. Since then, the flag has been used as the official flag of the Danish Empire. Every year on June 15, the Danish flag is hoisted to commemorate the anniversary of the Battle of Valdemar. It is also hoisted on other national holidays and days of national significance. Official Name : Kingdom of Denmark

Flag Proportion : 28:37

Adopted on : June 15, 1219

Location : Located in North Europe; bordered by Sweden, Germany, and Norway

Capital City : Copenhagen

Major Cities : Odense, Herning, Esberj, Svendborg

Area : 1,370,000 square miles

Population : 5,671,050

Currency : Danish Krone (DKK)

Official Language : Danish

National Anthem : There is a Lovely Country

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