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Population of Denmark

To the Census of Denmark, 2007, the total population of Denmark is 5,451,826. The majority of the population of Denmark carries a Scandinavian origin. Apart from that, population of Denmark includes small groups of Inuit from Greenland, Faroese, and immigrants. As said by official statistics of Denmark in 2005, 461,614 immigrants and their offspring constituted 8.5% of the total population of Denmark . Many of them come from South Asia, and The Middle East. During recent years, anti-immigration sentiment has come out in Denmark like in many other parts of Europe.

Nearly 85% of the Denmark population is urban, with 38% of the total population concentrated in the four largest cities namely, Copenhagen, Alborg, Odense, and Arhus. Toward the end of the 19th century Denmark, like all industrialized European nations, experienced a prominent migration of people from the countryside to the towns and larger cities. At present, Denmark has a very low population growth rate.

The majority of people in Denmark speak in Danish language. But there is a small group of people in Denmark near the German border who speak in German. English is the most widely spoken foreign language in Denmark by the inhabitants of Denmark .

A citizen of Denmark is known as Danes. The whole population of Denmark includes people from varied religion. As per the official statistics of Denmark, from January 2006, 83.0% of Danes are members of the Lutheran state church, the Danish People's Church, which is also known as the Church of Denmark. 4% of the Danish population adheres to Islam, and other religions in Denmark, include non-Lutheran Christian appellations.

The population of Denmark is not distributed evenly. The average population density of the east of the Great Belt, Denmark is 254 people per km². On the other hand, the average density in the west of the country is 91 per km².

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