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Useful Mapping Solutions

Any business associated with mapping, if it wishes to gain in the long-term, has to rely on:
  • Data that is unmatched - qualitatively and quantitatively.
  • Reaching out to a very large user-group.
  • Staying ahead of the innovation wave.
Partnering with us gives you all these advantages.

A reputed and fast-growing mapping portal and solutions provider, we help mapping businesses excel at all areas. Right from planning to layout, we provide you all the services and solutions you need, whether it is in terms of strategy, or competency.


business maps
Business Maps provides exclusive business mapping solutions as per the needs and requirements of the clients. It is a one-stop shop for customized mapping.

We provide following types of maps:

1). Locator Maps: These maps highlight office/workshop locations over a geographical area, which may be a state, country, continent or even the world, as per the requirement.

2). Thematic Maps: These maps are made as per the requirement of the business vertical. For instance, we have developed Southern Eastern Railway Map highlighting the ownership of the tracks.

3). We also provide services such as Sales Territory Marking, Zonal Mapping, Product Analysis, Sales Revenue Monetization, and Business Productivity.

4). We also digitize other business-related facts and figures over maps and map-based interactive applications.

We also brand the aforementioned maps with the respective company's logo.

For any business mapping needs, contact us and we will be there to help you.

travel maps
Travel Maps
We develop exclusive travel maps for publishers, travelers, and travel businesses. You can choose from an ample assortment of folded maps and travel guides.

Our maps offer detailed locations of tourist destinations and provide particulars of accommodations, transportation, and other related services.

We have also developed city maps comprising major tourist destinations, major market places, significant buildings, and hotels with street-level details, along with marking of railroad, metro, tramps, and other available means of transport for an extensive travel experience.

We are expert travel map providers. We serve tourism boards and have been fulfilling their travel mapping requirements with minutest of details. We have been working on the creativity aspect for downtown maps that can be printed on various pieces of art.

We have been working on designing various route maps for various tour operators at global level. Particularly for application developers, we provide maps that can be used on web-based as well as mobile-based platforms.

These maps can be developed in various sizes and scales suiting requisites and branded specifically with company's details.

reference atlas
Reference Atlases, Encyclopedias, and Golf Atlases takes pride in being the premier organization in providing maps for reference atlases and encyclopedias. We have provided maps to publishers, such as Parragon, Millennium House (Earth Atlas), Britannica, Legind As, and many more.

We are official map providers to esteemed clients globally for atlases. We have developed maps for many atlases at scales ranging from 1 million to 10 million offering added advantage of providing indexes for the maps to be used in atlases.

Moreover, we have also developed maps for golf atlases with the prominent one being Parragon's 101 Best Golf Courses across the world. Other than this, we have also developed maps for all major golf courses around the world, marking their locations on a country maps supported by country flags for one of our clients (which was sponsored by ROLEX) based on a specific theme as per the client's requirement.

In case of atlas requirement, contact us and we will be happy to offer you our expert services.

Custom US Map
Customized U.S. Maps
From Area Code/Zip Code maps to specific location/states/counties maps, has been creating customized maps exclusively for the U.S. A. as per customer's requirement. We have been furnishing maps with details up to the street level including other specific particulars as per client's requirement in varied formats and sizes.
Some of our products are mentioned below:

a) Zip Code Maps for all the states of the U.S.A.
b) Area Code Maps for all the states of the U.S.A.
c) Administrative Boundaries Map and Country Map for the U.S.A.

All the above stated maps can be tailored by adding more features, such as extensive road network, railroad, explicit POI dataset, oil and gas pipeline network projects, and mapping of real estate - commercials and residential projects at city as well as area levels.

Matching the pace of the development, our mapping services to the U.S. market includes business intelligence systems, converting old excel sheet format to graphically representative heatmap utilities.

For any mapping query pertaining to the U.S., contact us for expert mapping solution.

custom digital map
Customized Digital Maps

We provide digital maps to suite a variety of requirements. These maps are developed in variety of sizes (from A5 to A0) and in different formats (Raster and Vector) that can be used in presentations, reports, videos/films, websites, and other domains as per client's requirement. These are helpful in analyzing, decision making, location tracking, etc. These are specific area maps, state maps, country maps, region maps, and world maps.

We provide digital maps with physical and political minutiae with 3D relief to showcase terrains and bathymetry.

education map
Education Maps

We have been the official map providers to the world's most renowned publishing houses, including Parragon, Britannica, Pearson, Scholastic, Damla, Legind As, and so on. Our wide range of services includes development of grade-wise maps based on school curriculum and interactive layer-wise maps to be included in the teaching materials. We have been known for developing scale maps for a wide assortment of atlases/ school atlases/ reference atlases meant specifically for children.

Our mapping services have been used by various educational institutions, schools and universities for meeting their academic needs. We have also been providing maps for the educational websites, mobile-web applications, digital atlases, CD ROMs, etc.

mobile web app
Mapping Solutions for Mobile-Web Applications can help the publishers/corporate houses to convert their existing maps/data into interactive application running on various platforms. In this case, we develop not only new maps but also use existing maps to develop applications as per customer requirement. has come out with its premier World Atlas Pro additions for iOS platform. Based on this, we have developed similar world atlas solutions for our clientage worldwide.

europe 15scale
Europe at 1.5 Million Scale

We have updated our database to 1.5 million scale, where over 15 countries including Germany, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, etc., have been included.

The extensive categories to this database include population-wise digitization of the cities ranging from below 5,000 to above 1 million population scale. Other than this, features such as mountain passes and peaks, major and minor road networks, water bodies and landmasses, and oth er physical attributes are also included.

GIS Data provides comprehensible and customizable GIS solutions including administrative boundaries/divisions at country level, province level, and county/city/town level. This data can be further enhanced by adding other categories, such as road networks, railroads, POI datasets, water bodies, and vegetation to name a few.

These GIS solutions can help your business monetize the sales performance. Other advantages include competition analysis and market penetration at various administrative levels to improve the productivity/ sales figures in future planning and policy making.

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