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Construction Industry
New Homes Direct Ltd, UK- The agency acquired map images of world and various regions for their website.   JIM & HALL'S CONSTRUCTION PTE LTD, Singapore - A world political map in 5 x 7 ft. was customized for this company.   Jones Lang Lasalle, India - The maps of various cities showing the location of their clients was provided for their brochure.
American Institutes for Research  -Maps on 'World Population Density' and 'World Religions' were procured for State's social studies online exam in Ohio.
  Langara College, USA  -A map on 'World Religions' was acquired by this educational institution.   Macmillan Education, Australia -A map showing availability of safe drinking water in the world was provided to this institute.
GE, USA  -Customized maps of World with polycoordinates and USA were provided to the organization.

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