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Broadcasting and Television
BBC, UK - BBC, a distinguished media organization acquired world map to be used for their programs.   Channel 4, UK - Channel 4, UK, a reputed media organization procured world continent map for their programs and features.    
Advertising Agencies
Oligvy and Mather & Kotak - Maps were obtained for Kotak Securities, a leading Stock Broking House's website.   Oligvy and Mather & Sify - Maps were provided for Sify, a leading Internet Solutions company showing their outlets in different parts of India.   Rediffusion DYR, India - Maps of India and its states were acquired by the agency for their client Airtel - the biggest cellular service provider in India.
Pro-Ad Ltd, UK -Maps were procured by the agency for the campaign programs of its client.   D'perception Pte Ltd, Singapore - A world political map in 5 x 7 ft was provided to this elite agency.    

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