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Cities in Austria

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Description : Austria cities map depicting Austria major cities, towns, country capital and country boundary. Disclaimer

The Austria cities have a huge number of visitors throughout the year. The cities of Austria are famous for music art and architecture. Apart from these, the cities are famous for their beautiful landscapes.

Graz is famous for the University of Technology. This University offers the best teaching and research in the engineering, science and technical natural branches. There are a number of aptitude centers, laboratories projects and research fields.

Vienna is the capital city of Austria .It is the heart of Austria. Previously the city was surrounded by a wall but later it was removed in 1857.Instead of the wall now the street of Vienna is there and is known as "Ringstrasse". The city is famous for big buildings, monuments and parks. The Stadtpark and Belvedere Park in Vienna are built in baroque-style. Prater is the main park of Vienna. Schönbrunn is also known as the Imperial Summer Palace and has the world's oldest zoo.

Salzburg is the home of Mozart and the Salzburg Festival is celebrated here. It is famous for "The Sound of Music". This is also known as the musical city. It is also a beautiful city. The Alpines add to the beauty of the city. Mozartplatz and Mozart's Gerburthaus are the other important sites.

The river valley of Innsbruck is very beautiful. It was the key transit route for the Romans. The city is full of life. The districts of Altstadt, Pradl, Wilten and Saggen have been united together.

These are the main Austria cities and make the country unique in itself.

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