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Countries with Highest Child Labor Proportion

Top countries with Highest proportion of Child workers are Mali, Bhutan and Burundi.

Highest Child Worker Proportion Map Bhutan Rwanda Uganda Kenya Ethiopia Niger Burkina Faso
Description : Map shows top ten countries with highest proportion of child worker in the world. Disclaimer

World Top Ten Countries with the Highest Proportion of Child Worker

Country Total 10-14 Year Olds at Work(%)
Mali 726,000 51.14
Bhutan 136,000 51.10
Burundi 445,000 48.50
Uganda 1,343,000 43.79
Niger 609,000 43.62
Burkina Faso 686,000 43.45
Ethiopia 3,277,000 42.45
Nepal 1,154,000 42.05
Rwanda 413,000 41.35
Kenya 1,699,000 39.15