Map of Ulsan, South Korea

In the south eastern part of South Korea the Ulsan city is located. Ulsan faces the East Sea or the Japan Sea. Ulsan like Daejeon is also a metropolitan city in South Korea. In the center of East Asia the metropolitan city of Ulsan
is situated. The city is situated between 129 degrees 19' East and 35 degrees 33' North. Ulsan is 70 kilometers away from Busan, another city of South Korea. A river named Taehwa flows across the city.

Ulsan in South Korea forms the industrial belt of the country. Widely, Ulsan is also known as the Ulsan Industrial District. Ulsan turned into an open port as an important part in Korea first five year economic plan. Many major industries like fertilizers industry, oil refineries, automobile industries were developed in the recent years. In 1962, Bangeojin, a shipbuilding port became the part of Ulsan. Ulsan also became the core of Korean whaling. Ulsan was chosen as a site during the meeting of June 2005, International Whaling Commission.

Ulsan averages 1272 mm of rainfall every year. The average annual temperature of Ulsan is 14.3 degree C The mayor of the metropolitan city of Ulsan is Park Maeng- Woo. Sam Han was the original name of Ulsan. The new name Ulsan was assigned by King Tae Jong in 1413. According to the mayor of Ulsan Metropolitan City, Ulsan has been the driving force for the growth of the Korean economy

Ulsan in South Korea is a symbolic representation of the economic and industrial growth in Korea.

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