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Political Map of North Korea

This political map of North Korea shows the states of the country with their boundaries and their capital and biggest cities. The map also shows the country's international boundaries it shares with the neighboring countries of China, Russia and South Korea.

Political Map of Korea, North Pyongyang Map China Map Russia Map South Korea Map
Description: Korea, North Political map showing the international boundary, provinces and municipalities boundaries with their capitals and national capital. Disclaimer

The administrative divisions along with their capitals, which comprise the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, are marked in the North Korea political map. The latitudinal and longitudinal extent of North Korea are from 40° North to 127° East respectively.

The highest point of the country is Paektu-san situated at a height of 2,744 meters above sea level while the lowest point is the Sea of Japan. The national capital of North Korea is Pyongyang, which is marked with a red dot. The administrative capitals are marked with white squares for the convenience of the web surfers.

North Korea political map displays the administrative boundaries along with their capitals. The administrative boundaries are individually colored differentiating them from each other. The map also shows the location of the country and its neighboring countries.

Location and Geography

The latitude and longitude of North Korea are 40° North and 127° East respectively. The country is located in eastern Asia bordering Sea of Japan, Korean Bay and Yellow Sea. Total area of the country is 120,540 square kilometer, of which the land area is 120,410 square kilometers and the rest 130 square kilometers is covered by water bodies. The coastline of the country stretches over an area of 2,495 kilometers and is outlined with a blue line on the North Korea map. The highest point of the country is Paektu-san, situated at a height of 2,744 meters above the sea level while the lowest point is Sea of Japan.

National Capital of North Korea

The national capital of North Korea is Pyongyang. The capital can be easily identified on the map as it is marked with a red dot within a square. The geographical coordinates of the city, situated at a height of 71 meters above sea level, are 38° 43' North latitude and 126° East longitude. The nearby cities are Changdae, Okchong, Ugumi, Pongjae-ri, Chang-ni and Such'ongnae. Pongyang International, R225, G129 and G110 Heliports serve as gateways to the capital city of North Korea.

Administrative Divisions and their Capitals

The administrative capitals are marked as white squares on the political map of North Korea. Following are the names of the administrative divisions and their capitals:

  • Hamgyong-Bukto- Ch'ongjin
  • Yanggang-Do- Hyesan
  • Chagang-Do- Kanggye
  • Hamgyong-Namdo- Hamhung
  • P'YonganBukto- Sinuiju
  • P'Yongangnamdo- Pyongsung
  • Nampo-Si- Nampo
  • P'Yongyang- P'Yongyang
  • Kangwon-Do- Wonsan
  • Hwanghae-Bukto- Sariwon
  • HwanghaeNamdo- Haeju
  • Kaesong-Si- Kaesong


Chagang-do 1,299,9821,152,00016,0766,207Kanggye
Hamgyong-bukto 2,327,3862,061,00012,1894,706Ch'ongjin
Hamgyong-namdo 3,066,1412,732,00018,5587,165Hamhung
Hwanghae-bukto 2,113,6931,847,0009,4633,654Sariwon
Hwanghae-namdo 2,310,4622,011,0008,2943,202Haeju
Kangwon-do 1,477,7931,305,00010,6004,100Wonsan
Najin Sonbong-si    Najin
P'yongan-bukto 2,728,6172,437,00012,5754,855Sinuiju
P'yongan-namdo 4,051,7063,598,00012,3304,761P'yongsong
P'yongyang-si 3,255,3882,742,0002,113816P'yongyang
Yanggang-do 717,677638,00013,8885,362Hyesan
11 divisions24,051,21821,213,378122,76247,399
Note  : - Pop-2008: 2008-10-01 census (preliminary results). Total includes population living in military camps. Source

Last Updated on: April 24, 2020

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