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North Korea Geography

Being a part of the Korean Peninsula, North Korea Geography is similar to most of the East Asian countries. With the ending of the second World War the Korean Peninsula came to be divided along the thirty-eighth parallel and the border between North Korea and South Korea formed the line of distinction between the two regions of Korea.
A vital part of North Korea Geography are its bordering states. Northern Korea shares its border with three states, with Russia along the Tumen River, China along the Yalu River, South Korea along the Korean Demilitarized Zone. On the West Coast is the Yellow Sea and the Korea Bay and the Sea of Japan is off the east coast.

North Korea Geography divides the region into two separate regions, the P'yong-an-do province in the North West and the Hamgyong-do province in the North East. The P'yong-an-do province in the North West is often known as the Kwanso region and has a larger region of flatlands while the Hamgyong-do province in the North East is referred to as Kwanbuk. The North Korea Geography of P'yong-an-do province allows it to serve as a major agricultural area while Hamgyong-do province due to the mountainous North Korea Geography of this region acts as a center of mining and forestry. To the south of the O'yong-an-do province lies another important region of North Korea Geography, the Hwanghae-do province .

The North Korea Geography causes the place to have a continental climate. Long winters with bitter cold and clear weather interspersed with snow storms are typical of the region. The summer months tends to be short, hot, humid, and rainy because of the southern and southeastern monsoon winds that bring moist air from the Pacific Ocean.

  North Korea Geography  

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