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North Korea Weather

North Korea has a moderate weather, perfect for vegetations and forestry. Seasonal changes though affects North Korea weather, but is pleasant overall.
The spring in northern Korea offers a sunny and brighter climate but with chilled breeze around thus the weather in North Korea during spring becomes enjoyable and not at the same time.

Late spring and summer is warmer and comfortable compared to other seasons in North Korea. Autumn in Korea offers a varied weather, which is extreme in many ways, thus be a tourist or a resident need to have proper protection against autumn weather in North Korea. Winter in Northern Korea offers the clear sky and crystal view. Snowfall in winter is a common phenomenon in North Korea that leads towards a biting-cold weather, which would need the proper shield of warm protections.

The weather of North Korea is more continental compared to the southern parts of Korea, for it has a long land border and for it receives maximum chilled breezes from Siberia and Manchuria during winter.

For vegetations and plantations in North Korea the aptly suited weather arrives in summer when warm-temperature vegetations are cultivated in various regions of North Korea. For tourism and purposes, it is suggested to visit Northern Korea during summer than other seasons, to experience more greeneries, and warm weather around.

Northern Korea is also a rainy zone thus freeze ness in environment is a constant thing over here. The extreme weather of this region though is taken as a normal weather type by the locals, yet it is in-convenient for the travelers visiting North Korea for the first time, so ample warm clothing and accessories are advised to pack before anyone visits North Korea.

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