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Spatial Distribution Map

Spatial Distribution

There are seven main areas where tropical cyclones form. These are:
    Atlantic Ocean Basin

  1. North Atlantic Basin : the tropical cyclones have been intensely studied for this basin. It includes the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. The worst affected coasts are -United States Atlantic Coast, Mexico-Central America, the Caribbean Islands, the Bermuda Islands and the Macronesian islands.

    Monitoring Agency : The US National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida
    The Canadian Hurricane Center in Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Pacific Ocean Basin

  2. Western North Pacific Ocean : Of all the basins where tropical cyclones originate, this is the most active basin. The cyclones developing here affect China, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, Indonesia, etc. The eastern coasts of Taiwan and Philippines have the highest tropical cyclone landfall frequency in the world.

    Monitoring Agency : 
    Joint Typhoon Warning Center

  3. Eastern North Pacific Ocean : It is the second most active basin in the world. The regions affected are Mexico, Hawaii, Northern Central America.

    Monitoring Agency :  The Central Pacific Hurricane Center.

  4. South Western Pacific Ocean :  The cyclones originating in this basin affects Australia and Oceania. The warnings are issued by Australia and Papua New Guinea.

    Indian Ocean Basin

  5. North Indian Ocean :  The Basin prone to cyclonic disturbances is divided into Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea. But, Bay of Bengal has five to six times more activity compared to Arabian Sea. The unique characteristic feature of this basin is that it has double peak cyclone season, one in April-May (pre-monsoon season) and October- November (post-monsoon season). The cyclones formed here have claimed more lives than in any other basin. The countries affected by the cyclonic activities here are India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar and Thailand.

    Monitoring Agencies :  All the above stated countries issue cyclone warning.

  6. South Eastern Indian Ocean :  Cyclonic activities here affect Indonesia and Australia. The warning is issued by those countries.

  7. South Western Indian Ocean : It is the least understood basin of all where cyclonic activities develops. The cyclone formed here affects Madagascar, Mozambique, Mauritius and Kenya.