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Indian Ocean Basin

Indian Ocean Basin

Northern Indian Ocean

This region has had some of the world's deadliest cyclones, but organized information is not available.

Calcutta Cyclone1737Calcutta, IndiaExtensive damage, figures unknown
Calcutta Cyclone1864Calcutta, India60000 people killed
Bhola Cyclone1970Bangladesh100000-500000 people killed
Bangladesh Cyclone1991Chittagong, Bangladesh138000 people killed
Tropical Cyclone 05B1999Orissa, India10000 people killed

Southern Indian Ocean

Bangladesh CycloneYearLocation
Cyclone Firinga1989La Reunion Island
Cyclone Leon-Eline2000Madagascar and Mozambique
Cyclone Gafilo2004Madagascar

Australian tropical cyclones

Mahina1899 Over 300 people died
Mackay1918 30 dead, extensive damage
Ada1970Whitsunday Island14 people dies, AU $ 390 million
Althea1971Magnetic Island, Townsville and Queensland 
Wanda1974Queensland and New South WalesExtensive flooding
Tracy1974 71 people died
Justin1997 7 died, loss of 190 million AUD