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Hurricane Distribution


World distribution of Hurricanes/tropical cyclones is limited to six regions of the world. All these regions are over tropical and subtropical oceans. The six regions are:

1. Caribbean Sea, West Indies, and Gulf of Mexico;

2. Western North Pacific including the Philippine Islands, China Sea, and Japanese Islands;

3. Eastern Pacific coastal region of Mexico and Central America;

4. Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea;

5. South Indian Ocean, off Madagascar; and

6. Western South Pacific, in the region of Samoa and Fiji Islands and the east coast of Australia.

Few interesting facts about the global distribution of cyclone is as follows

  • Hurricane/Tropical Cyclone do not form near the equator and do not cross the equator
  • The Western North Pacific is the most active tropical cyclone region.
  • The Bay of Bengal has 5 times more cyclones than Arabian sea.

Last Updated on: March 23, 2017