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Narsaq Map

Narsaq is a beautiful municipality which adorns the southern region of Greenland. The city of Narsaq is one of the developed cities of Greenland which attracts numerous travelers from around the world each year.

More than half of the area of Greenland is on the ocean which is almost always covered by the glaciers. The history of Narsaq can be traced back three thousand years ahead. The original inhabitants of this place were the Eskimos and later from the 1st century AD Vikings began to penetrate into this place. The name given to this area by the Norsemen who settled here was 'ysterbygden'. The gradual development of Narsaq as a modern town began in the 19th century and finally with the boom in the fishing trade economic conditions improved significantly.

Narsaq is recent times is a modern and developed town with all state of the art facilities. All facilities of a town from school to hospitals, from power stations to police stations are available here. Narsaq is also popular because of the presence of a Food & Beverage School called 'INUILI' in this area. The economy of the residents of Narsaq is based on breeding of sheep and fishing. Fish processing is also an important part of the economy. 'Royal Greenland' is one of the major fish processing companies operating in this town.

While in Greenland it is recommended that one visits the town of Narsaq as this town can give you the taste of Eskimo cultures and the culture of the Norsemen as well.

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