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Gabon Flag

by Aakash Singha

The national flag of Gabon is a colorful flag comprising three horizontal stripes of green, yellow, and blue.

Gabon Flag



The national flag of the Gabonese Republic comprises three horizontal stripes of green (top), and yellow (middle), followed by a blue stripe.

The green band represents the natural resources found in the forests of Gabon; the yellow color in the flag represents the equator that passes through Gabon and also symbolizes the minerals, especially gold found in Gabon. The yellow stripe may also be interpreted as the bright and warm sunshine that the country experiences. Blue represents the clear, pristine waters of the Atlantic shore.

Gabon was originally an overseas territory of France and the country adopted its indigenous flag when the country gained independence from French rule, on August 17, 1960.

The present flag was designed in 1959 but at the time the French tricolor was imposed on the flag. This was later removed after independence.

Official Name: Gabonese Republic
Flag Proportion: 3:4
Designed by:  Louis Muhlemann
Location: Located in Central Africa; Bordered by Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, and the Republic of the Congo
Capital City: Libreville
Major Cities: Estuaire, Nyanga, Ngounie
Area: 103,347 square miles
Population: 22.3 lakhs as 2020 estimate
Currency: Central African Franc (XAF)
Official Language: French
National Anthem: The Concord
National symbol(s): black panther
National colors: green, yellow, blue
National anthem:
Name: “La Concorde” (The Concorde)
Lyrics/Music: Georges Aleka DAMAS

Fact about the Gabon flag

Country Gabon
Designed by NA
Adopted August 9, 1960
Revision 1990
Design and Colors A horizontal triband of green, gold and blue
Size Ratio 3:4

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