Finland Population

Finland population is one of the lowest in Europe. A majority of Finland's populace is concentrated around the southern areas of the northern European country.
Finland population is one of the most homogeneous in Europe. The country of Finland has a dominance of people of native ancestry. A small minority traces its origins to Sweden. A smattering of persons of Russian ethnicity is also found in Finland. More than 90% of the population of Finland speaks the Finnish language. Swedish is spoken by less then 6% of the total population in Finland. The total population of Finland has been showing negative growth in the recent past. This has been partially offset by the entry of immigrants from other parts of the world. The number of foreigners entering-and settling in Finland is maximum from countries like Russia, Sweden and Estonia. Finland also has a small minority of people of Somali origin.

The population in Finland is also affected by the voluntary family planning by the citizens of the country. Most Finnish families have one offspring. The people living in the northern part of Finland have more family members than the Finnish families living in the southern part of the country. The immigrated population has resulted in a 0.5% increase in the total population of Finland.

Last Updated : August 9th, 2018