Finland Independence Day

Finland Independence Day is one of the most important days in the life of every Finnish citizen. Sixth of December is celebrated as the Independence Day in Finland. It is a national holiday for the country and all public offices and banks are closed in Finland. The day is celebrated in a grand fashion all throughout Finland and specially in the larger cities and towns. The style of celebrating Independence Day in Finland has also changed with changing times. Previously, it was a silent celebration but in the present times, the celebrations are loud and on a larger scale.

Finland Independence Day was initially celebrated by lighting two candles in honor of the country, but that has been enhanced with several other festivities. The first festivity commences with the unfurling of the Finland national flag in Tahtitorni Hill, Helsinki, followed by a divine service in the cathedral of Helsinki. The president of Finland arranges a grand party at his palace, where war ex-servicemen act as chief guests. This is a widely watched program in Finland.

Apart from this, Independence Day in Finland is also celebrated by conducting parades by students and army personnel. Medals are also awarded to the eminent people in the society, in many functions. Patriotic speeches are delivered by politicians and eminent people of the society. The important buildings of the country are decorated with Finnish flags. There are various music concerts and street parties held on Independence Day in Finland.

Last Updated : August 9th, 2018