Ports in Dubai

The two main ports in Dubai which are operated by the Dubai port authority are Port Rashid and Jebel Ali Port
These are the biggest man made ports of the world and is also said to be the best Seaport and the best Container Terminal Operator .

Port Rashid is a port in Dubai which to an extent dominates the shipping activities in the United Arab Emirates . With the largest amount of shipping capacity among all the ports in Dubai , Port Rashid is the most efficient and the leading port in the whole of the United Arab Emirates . Although smaller than the Jebel Port in Dubai, Port Rashid is one of the most modern port and is also located at a strategic position.

Larger than the Rashid Port in Dubai , Jebel Port is also known as the "Mina Jebel Ali" . This port in Dubai was constructed only in the late 1970's and is situated about thirty five Kilometers South West of the city of Dubai. Worlds largest man made harbor , Jebel Port in Dubai is also the biggest port in the middle East. The depth of the harbor and the facilities that the Jebel Port in Dubai provide makes it one of the most visited ports of the world.

Last Updated : August 4th, 2018