History of Dubai

The history of Dubai points at a story of rolling sand dunes lapping the foothills on the Eastern side of Mount Hajar . Dubai owes its present identity to the wise vision of the late Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Maktoum.

Today Dubai is an Economic powerhouse and truly a world class city but the history of Dubai points at a completely different picture. It was just a decade or two back that Dubai was inhabited by Bedouins and Nomads who traveled all over the place with their flocks and herds. The settlements, as a history of Dubai points out, were mainly inhabited by the fishermen community who lived along the coast of the Arabian Gulf and earned their living by fishing, pearling, herding sheep and goats.

The importance of this small coastal settlement increased with it becoming a trading Port. Under the British Protectorate the volume of trade expanded and the merchant appeal of Dubai grew. History of Dubai now saw a major influx of foreign population into the area and by the year 1930s Persians, Indians, Baluchis, communities of Bahrain all flocked into Dubai.

1971 was a major turning point in the history of Dubai when the British withdrew and Dubai joined Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Aiman, Umm Al Quwain, Fajairah which was later named as the Federation Of the United Emirates. Oil was already discovered in the year 1966 and the successful shipment of Oil opened a new chapter in the history of Dubai. The entire infrastructure of the city was now new. Detached from the history of Dubai , modern Dubai is now an economic hub.

Last Updated : August 4th, 2018