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Fujairah is one of the most beautiful places ,which boasts of jagged mountains and verdant valleys. Besides tourism agriculture and fishing are the main activities of Fujairah. The emirate of Fujairah occupies an area of 1.5 percent of the country.

Fujairah City is the capital of Fujairah emirate and the place occupies great importance for its natural beauty and economic structure. Fujairah City plays a key role in providing easy access to the international shipping paths. Hamad bin Abdullah Rd is the main business center located between the coast and the Fujairah Trade Centre.

Tourist Attractions at Fujairah
  1. Fujairah Fort
  2. Located on the hill the Fujairah Fort is nearly 360 years old and is surrounded by old town houses. The Fujairah Fort was damaged by British bombardment in the twentieth century but again it has been restored.
  3. Fujairah Heritage Village
  4. Located near the Fujairah Fort this heritage village displays a number of traditional houses and fishing boats. These houses and boats reflect the traditional life of the eastern coast.
  5. Fujairah Museum
  6. The museum is mostly visited for various artifacts of Qidfa and Bithnah.
  7. Ain Al Madhab Gardens
  8. Also known as National Park,Ain Al Madhab Gardens is a spa where accommodation is also provided to the guests. The garden also has a heritage village which displays traditional costumes,utensils and pottery.