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United Arab Emirates Climate

The United Arab Emirates Climate features extreme heat because of its sandy landscape, although it is cooler in the eastern mountains. Enjoying a sub-tropical climate, UAE weather is sunny all the year round, although the months between June and September are the hottest, when the temperatures soar upto 113°F or 45°C. It is very hot during the day along with high humidity levels. The coastal regions in UAE are discomfortingly humid.

The temperature of the sea water soars to an appalling 104°F or 40°C. It is therefore that the hotels and the resorts in UAE depend on artificial cooling systems to provide a soothing retreat to the guests. The cooler months are characterized by infrequent spells of rainfall during the months of December and March.

The minimum temperature in UAE is usually recorded in the month of January, which is 12 degree centigrade and the highest temperature record is in the month of August with 39 degree centigrade. Dubai generally enjoys a minimum rainfall of 23 millimeters in the month of January and a maximum of 36 millimeters in the month of December. United Arab Emirates Climate, hence is characterized by soaring temperatures and extreme humidity.