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United Arab Emirates Geography

The United Arab Emirates geography includes the location of the country, the demography and the climate. Located in the middle east and situated between Oman and Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates outlines the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf.

The geographical alignment of United Arab Emirates determines the climatic condition of the country. Located in 24 00 degree North and 54 00 degree East, the country enjoys a sub-tropical climate with extremely hot and humid conditions.

The demography of United Arab Emirates forms an important part of the United Arab Emirates Geography. The population of UAE is 4,444,011 as established in the year 2005. The United Arab Emirates statistics provide a detailed insinuation into the administration and the infrastructure of the country. This includes details on nutrition, health, diseases, economy and education. These statistics are particularly helpful in determining the growth rate of the country.

The United Arab Emirates flag is the binding factor among the people of UAE. Spotting colors like red, white, black and green, the UAE flag reflect unity, fertility, wealth and history.

United Arab Emirates Flora and Fauna
United Arab Emirates Flora and Faunais rich for its diversity. United Arab Emirates has been the home of various species of plant and animals. The growth of vegetation depends on the terrain. In UAE, two types of floras are found- one type of vegetation grows in abundance after rainfall and the other require less rainfall to sustain themselves like swamps and marshes.

The greenery program initiated by the UAE Government has also helped in the growth of vegetation. Besides, the Coastal fauna of UAE includes animals like wild goats, camels, fox, lynx, wild cats, falcons, harriers, jackal, buzzards, owls and different migratory birds.

Birds of United Arab Emirates
UAE is one of the attractive spots for birding. Different species of birds can be seen between April to May and July to November. About 250 species of birds are found in UAE. Some of these species include falcons, kites, harriers, Indian pond heron, buzzards, striated heron, winged stilt and eagles. Some of the sea birds found in UAE are terns, flamingos, ospreys, gulls and waders.

The variety of Flora and Fauna in United Arab Emirates has been one of the major attractions of world wide scientists as time to time different researches have been conducted here.

United Arab Emirates Wildlife
United Arab Emirates Wildlifeattracts many travelers from all over the world. Every year many travelers visit UAE to enjoy the enchanting wildlife safaris. These safaris are organized by tour operators based all over the country. These operators plans the tour packages for their guests.

Wildlife Viewing Desert Expeditions in UAE are commonly organized for the enjoyment of every guest. The duration of these type of wildlife tours may last for 1 day or may extend for more than 8 days. Every tourist can view some of the indigenous species of wildlife during these tours.

Some of the mammals found in UAE are Bats, Arabian Tahr, The Sand Gazelle, Jirds, Caracal, Arabian Red Fox, Arabian Leopard, Striped Hyena, Hedgehogs, Lesser Jerboa, Egyptian Spiny Mouse, Baluchistan Gerbil and Arabian Mountain gazelle.

Some of the reptiles of UAE are Skinks, False Cobra, Sand boa, Spiny Tailed Lizard, Carpet Viper, Horned Viper and Thread Snake.

The Arabian Wildlife Center, UAE includes numerous variety of animals that are endemic to this Arabian Peninsula. This air conditioned center is a best place to spend a day out with friends and family members.

United Arab Emirates Mountains
United Arab Emirates Mountainsmake the geography of the country all the more beautiful. Mountains in United Arab Emirates make the highest point in the country. Roads, which help in transport and communication, are built along the mountainsides.

Mountains of United Arab Emirates
  • Jebel Hafeet
  • Jabal Yibir
Jebel Hafeet, which is located on the outskirts of Al Ain in United Arab States is 1240 meters high and offers a great view of the city. Jabal Yibir is one of the significant tourist attractions in United Arab Emirates and is thus an important landmark as well. Green Mubazarrah, which lies at the foothills of this mountain, is another nearby tourist attraction. Jabal Yibir, which is 1527 meters high, is the highest point in the United Arab Emirates. It is located in the Hajar Mountains. United Arab Emirates Geography with its natural beauty thus attracts a great number of tourists from all over the world.United Arab Emirates Mountainsare mostly devoid of any kind of vegetation because of the climate around.

United Arab Emirates Geology
United Arab Emirates Geologygives a vivid description of the nature and components of soil, rocks, gemstones and natural resources of the country. Considering the Geology of United Arab Emirates, the country is divided into two distinct parts. The desert floor, the coastal plains, the aeolian sands and gravel plains makes first part while the second part comprises Oman Mountains.

United Arab Emirates Geography includes land and water as the country is located at the Arabian Gulf. The coastal area of Abu Dhabi in UAE has the salt encrusted flat, which is known as coastal sabkhas. The soil in the United Arab Emirates is rich in minerals and salts. The principal resources are hard, ophiolite-derived aggregate, limestone of cement, chromite, gypsum and construction sand. These are extremely useful and fulfill the modern needs.

Oil mines are the most important part of the Geology in United Arab Emirates. Oil, which the country's main source of generation of economy is found in huge quantities. The quantity of oil produced inUnited Arab Emirates Geology, helps the country in exporting oil to other countries all over the world.

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