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Full name Republic of Zambia
Capital City Lusaka
Language English and Bemba
Currency Kwacha
Religion Christianity and Others
National Anthem "Stand and Sing of Zambia, Proud and Free"
Places to Visit Victoria Falls, South Luangwa National Park, Livingstone Town, Lower Zambezi National Park, Lake Kariba and Kafue National Park.
Transport Airways: Mfuwe International Airport; Railways: Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority; Highways; and Waterways: Water Bodies:-Zambezi, Luapula and Lake Tanganyika, Ports:-Mpulungu.
Shopping pottery, traditional African carvings, copper handicrafts, beadwork and handcrafted gemstone jewellery.

Formerly, called Northern Rhodesia - under colonial rule - this landlocked country in Southern Africa, which achieved independence in 1964, derives its name from the Zambezi river.

Zambia Map
Zambia Location Map
Location of Zambia : the country of Zambia lies in the southern region of both the Equator and also of the continent of Africa with parts of it spilling out into the both the north and the south of the Equator.

Physical Map of Zambia : the country is completely landlocked and lies to the south of the Equator. Zambia is mainly savannah plateau land with a bit of rain forest in the hilly regions and the region bordering the Victoria Falls. The chief water bodies draining the land are the Zambezi River and the Congo River.

It is bordered on all sides by the countries of Mozambique, Tanzania, Angola, Malawi, Congo, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

Zambia Flag
Flag of Zambia: like most African nations, the flag of Zambia is based on the colors red, black, green and yellow. There is one color used instead of the traditional yellow and that is orange. The colors red, black and orange appear in stripes on a green backdrop, with an eagle to the left. All the colors are representative of several features of the country: red is symbolic of the freedom struggle, black of the people, green for agriculture and orange for copper which is found in abundance. The eagle is Zambia’s official coat of arms.

Climate of Zambia : as with all tropical climates, summers are hot and wet - and muddy - in Zambia, while winters are cool and dry. The summer month stretches from November to March, and the winters from April to August.

Flora and Fauna of Zambia : Zambia like most African countries is replete with deciduous savannah type of flora. Small trees, grassy plains and marshland are the prominent type of vegetation. Rain forest too is to be found but is rare. The fauna in Zambia consists of hippo, crocodile, lion, leopard, spotted hyena, cheetah, elephant, buffalo, antelope, zebra, impala, puku and the thornicroft giraffe. Rare species include the wild dog (in animal fauna) and the shoebill stork (in avian fauna).

People of Zambia: Zambian people are warm and friendly. Most of the Zambia people are indigenous tribals. These tribes are Bemba, Kaonda, Lozi, Lunda, Luvale, Nyanja and Tongo. However, Zambia also contains Asians and Europeans – though they form a small minority.

Arts, Culture and Music of Zambia: music in Zambia can widely be categorized into three types: popular, traditional and Christian. However, after several years of coexistence, intermixing of the various forms has led to the formation of newer forms. One of the traditional types that have undergone modifications is the Kalindula. An integral instrument of the music in Zambia is a drum called Ngoma, as is the thumb piano called Kankobela. Traditional hand crafts in Zambia includes carvings, sculpture, copper artifacts, beadworks and hand-crafted gemstone jewellery.

Economy of Zambia: once, the economy of Zambia was on the mining of copper. But economy of the country crashed when copper prices fell in the world market. Now Zambia, in effort to boost its economy, focuses on the development of agriculture, tourism, mining of copper, nickel, uranium and gemstones, and the production of hydro power.

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