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Zambia Education

by Vishal Kumar

Zambia education is the right kind of educational system that exists in the country of Zambia. Catering the population with the proper basic education is the primary goal of the…

Zambia education is the right kind of educational system that exists in the country of Zambia. Catering the population with the proper basic education is the primary goal of the Government of Zambia.

Various measures were taken regarding the education in Zambia but more needs to be done.

Primary Zambia Education

Important steps were taken to make the primary education available to all the children between three to ten years. At present there are almost 4,000 government schools and basic schools opened up in Zambia, where large number of students are being enrolled. Today even the girl child is not lagging behind in education. Literacy rate among the girl students are also going up in Zambia. English along with the native languages are being taught in the schools. Even the rural schools has started teaching the students English and the native languages.

Secondary Zambia Education

The next step of Zambia education is the secondary education, which are mainly run by the government. All forms of students are being enrolled there, which starts from average to the best. The valid age to get entry in secondary level is fourteen years. Sometimes students are enrolled on the basis of quota systems.

Higher Zambia Education

Higher education is also available to the people of Zambia, where the entrance age is twenty to twenty four years. Copperbelt University and Azzalia University are the two popular University college of Zambia.

Over the years important and meaningful expansion has taken place in the educational sector of Zambia. However, the majority of the Zambia population are very poor and cannot afford the education for their children. Thus, Usaid is an US based financial agency that is working hard to improve the condition of Zambia education.

Zambia Educational Institutions

  • Zamtel staff training college
  • Kwame Nkurumah Teachers Training College
  • Malcom Moffat College of Education
  • Mansa College of Education
  • Mongu College of Education
  • Mufulira College of Education
  • National In Service Teachers College Chalimbana
  • Nortec College
  • Solwezi College of Education
  • TVTC of Luanshya
  • Zambia College of Agriculture Monze
  • Zampost staff training college
  • Copperbelt University
  • Azzalia University
  • Charles Lwanga College of Education
  • Chipata College of Education
  • Copperbelt Teachers Training College
  • David Livingstone College of Education
  • David Livingstone College of Education
  • Evelyn Hone College
  • Hotel and Tourism Training Institute Trust
  • Kasama College of Education
  • Kasia Secretarial College

Schools in Zambia

Schools in Zambia form the basis of the overall Zambia Education. There are a large number of schools in Zambia that have cropped up in different parts of the country.

Primary Schools of Zambia

Schools in Zambia provide the basic primary education, which is one of the important goals of the government of Zambia. There are many primary schools, which provide seven years of basic education.

Secondary Schools of Zambia

The Secondary Schools enroll the bright students in order to provide them with the best education. The Secondary Schools are mainly run by the Government of Zambia. Most of the Secondary Schools are English medium where the pupils are also taught the native languages.

Facts and Importance of Schools in Zambia

Schools in Zambia offer a wide range of programs in all its campuses for the deserving and aspiring candidates. The Schools of Zambia aims at academic excellence. Even it also encourages the students to participate in its research programs and hone their skills by the creative work programs run by the Schools.

Zambia Open University

The Zambia Open University provides education in subjects like Business management, history, geography, sociology, health, foreign languages, science and technology. The learning materials are also provided free of cost. Keeping healthy relations with BBC, the university introduced many Internet sites, which proved to be quite beneficial for the students. The open university of Zambia is presently working in Africa on various international Open Door Projects.

The Global Open University was found in Zambia. The teaching staff is excellent in this open University of Zambia. It is one of the popular academic universities. The Global Open University stands as the biggest university of Africa. This university has got worldwide popularity for providing excellent teaching materials.

There are also facilities for distance education in the open universities in Zambia. These universities do not follow strict academic rules for admitting students. The faculties have a strong sense of responsibility for the students. The students who opt distance education are provided with good study materials from the professors of the Global Open University. Nowadays, Zambia Open University is fetching a huge number of students from all over the world.

Zambia Institute of Special Education

The Zambia Institute of Special Education is one of the best institutes for providing education to each and every child in Zambia. According to Zambia’s ministry of education, every child is given the right to acquire education.

There are various policies of Zambia’s Institute of Special Education. Some of them are:

Focus on Learning Schools – This policy was made because the institute needed resource to develop the schools. The aim of the institute of Special Education in Zambia was to enhance the education level of the country.

Educational Reform – The policy was developed to emphasize the education level of the schools. Deep measures were taken by the Zambia Institute of Special Education to promote interest among the students. Zambia Institute of Special Education has emerged as one of the most beneficial educational programs by the government of Zambia.

Copperbelt University

Copperbelt University enjoys the reputation of being one of the two well known universities of Zambia. It was relatively a newly formed university that was established in 1987 under the Parliamentary Act. The Copperbelt University is situated in the central part of Copperbelt, the famous mining industry of Zambia.

Courses of Copperbelt University

Copperbelt University offers a number of degree courses on humanities, science and commerce. University of Copperbelt is also a renowned university for professional and technical courses. International recognition is attached to the courses offered by the university. Some of the courses offered in the University are Law, Engineering, Medicine, Agricultural Sciences, Business, Industrial Studies and Veterinary Medicine. The University also provides courses on art and culture, practical language, heritage studies, theaters, music skills and so on. International recognition is attached to the courses offered by the university.

Kitwe Teachers Training College

Kitwe Teachers Training College is one of those institutions that work towards producing quality teachers in the Republic of Zambia. The education sector of Zambia has undergone substantial changes over the last few years. The programme for teacher training in Kitwe caters to the needs of school teachers in the Zambian territory.

Objective of Kitwe Teacher Training College in Zambia is to promote the concept of elementary and secondary education amongst the common people of Zambia. The formation of Kitwe teacher training college was the first major attempt of the teacher’s training curriculum at Kitwe.

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