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Media in Comoros

Comoros media is supported by the national television, newspapers and radio. These provide information on a large number of issues like business, politics, people and events.

Al Watwan is a weekly newspaper of Comoros. It is sponsored by the government and the publication takes place in both French language and Shingazidja, a local dialect. Other newspapers of Comoros are La Gazette des Comores, Mayotte Hebdo, Kashkazi (Mayotte) and Comores Infos. L'Archipel is a monthly magazine in Comoros.

Radio in Comoros is operated by the government. They provide services in various languages such as Comorian, Malagasy, English, Swahili, French and Arabic. There are 4 FM stations and an AM station in Comoros. In the year 2001, with help from China, a national television station was set up in the country.

History about the Comoros Media

In the early 80s, there was no national media in Comoros. France provided aid to Radio Comoros in 1984 so that it can broadcast its programs to all the three islands of Comoros. France also assured to provide funds for a national newspaper that came out to be the Al Watwan. L'Archipel began its journey in 1988. In 1991, an independent FM station called Radio Tropique FM started operating in Comoros.

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