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Comoros Post Independence

by Vishul Malik

Comoros became an independent country in 1975. Comoro's post-independence was marked by a series of violent political activities that decimated the economic base of the Indian Ocean island country.

The Indian Ocean archipelago of Comoros became an independent country in 1975. The country was renamed the Union of Comoros. Comoros, post-independence was characterized by repeated coups and secessionist wars.

President Ahmed Abdallah was the first Comoros post-independence premier. His rule was short-lived. The Comoran President was forcefully removed from office by an armed mercenary force led by Bob Denard. Bob Denard replaced Abdallah with Prince Said Mohammed Jaffar. President Jaffar was thrown out of his office by his deputy Ali Soilih. Ali Soilih held the post of the Minister of Defense during the Jaffar regime. President Soilih followed pronounced socialist policies. This led to tensions with the former colonial power France. Bob Denard returned with tacit French support and Abdallah was pushed back into the presidential post. Ali Soilih was killed.

President Abdallah’s rule during the post-independence era in Comoros was marked by authoritarian rule. The era also saw the entrance of radical Islamic policies into the realm of the civilian government. President Abdallah was assassinated by a Comoran military officer in 1989. Said Mohamed Djohar assumed the role of President and continued to hold office until Mohamed Taki Abdulkarim wrested the Presidency with overt support from France. President Abdulkarim was succeeded by Tadjidine Ben Said Massounde. Ikililou Dhoinine currently holds the post of Comoran President.

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