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History of Comoros

The History of Comoros started from prehistoric times. The earliest residents of the tropical island were believed to be immigrants from Polynesia. Comoros history was first documented in 1505.

Comoros was first visited by Colonial powers in the early 16th century. Portuguese explorers visited the volcanic archipelago in 1505. The Portuguese pioneers used the islands to replenish their ship supplies. The decisive historical move was made by the French in the 19th century. France gained administrative control of the islands by a combination of armed force and manipulation of the regimes present in that period of the island's history. France formally took control of all the four islands of the country in 1887. They named the new administrative block the Protectorate of the Comoros. This event marked a watershed in the history of Comoros.

Comoros gained independence from France in 1975. Only one island in the archipelago named Mayotte decided to remain under French colonial rule. Ahmed Abdallah Abderemane became the first President of Comoros. He was overthrown by Ali Solih in the same year. The coup became the first of the many coups that were to occur in the island nation. The current President of Comoros is Ahmed Abdallah Sambi. President Sambi is a known as a moderate Islamist leader.