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Indepedence Day of Comoros

Comoros independence occurred in 1975. The event was marked by protracted negotiations with France since the 1960's. Ahmed Abdallah Abderemane became the first President of independent Comoros in 1975.

Comoros independence was preceded by a period of autonomy as an overseas department of France. The autonomous period was ruled by the elite of Comoran society. The elite were the descendants of the sultanate ruling families that reigned the islands before the France colonized the archipelago. The period was marked by the beginnings of the two political parties that were destined to shape the fate of Comoros in the near future. The two principal parties were the Parti Blanc and Parti Vert. Parti Blanc became later known as the Democratic Assembly of the Comoran People and Parti Vert was later to be renamed as the Comoros Democratic Union.

The independence of Comoros was initiated by Comorans outside the country. The major expatriate political group in this task was the National Liberation Movement of Comoros or its French moniker MOLINACO. The MOLINACO pressure group was based in Tanzania. Comorans inside the country pushed for independence due to their perception that France was neglecting the Indian Ocean Island. The local administration signed a "Common Declaration" agreement with France in 1973. The referendum for independence was conducted in 1974. Residents of all Comoros islands except Mayotte voted for independence from France. Comoros gained independence in 1975. The country was renamed Union of the Comoros.