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History of Chad

Chad History is extremely rich and diverse. Chad history dates back to the ancient times when this country was the focus of the trans-Saharan traders. Since Chad was rich in mineral resources it exported goods to other neighboring countries from then on.
In the early 7th century African tribal groups such as the Toubous settled down in Chad and started practicing agriculture and cultivation. The Toubous founded the Kanem region where a huge number of people from Islamic origin settled there. The co-existence of these nomadic groups and clans in the ancient ages makes the most of the historical facts of Chad.

Empires Set Up In Chad in the Ancient Times
From the 13th century different empires came into existence as strong rulers set up their territories in different parts of the country of Chad. The Bagirmi and Wadai empires were the strongest during that time and other empires that came soon after them is the Bornu empire. Due to internal strifes and constant warfares the powers of these rulers weakened and it fell under the hands of the invader of Sudan known as Rabah el Zobair.

French Rule in Chad
In the late 18th century the French colonists settled in Chad and overthrew the Rabah dynasty that was established in the country of Chad. The French colonizers ruled the country of Chad till the mid-nineteenth century and Chad received its actual independence on 11th August in the year of 1960. The rule of the native Chad people where various Chad nationalists struggled to consolidate the regions of Chad into one nation started soon after. Thus history of Chad is marked with a great deal of struggle for independence, which in a way did not end with the French abandoning the country of Chad.