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Burundi Information

Burundi is a small country east of Congo in Central Africa. Burundi information opens up the pages on the various aspects related to the country. Covering a total area of approximately 27, 830 square kilometers, Burundi is bordered by Congo, Tanzania and Rwanda. Burundi information encompasses a wide array of details related to its geography, history, demography, economics, governments, culture, people etc.

Burundi is made up of a mountainous terrain and abounds in natural resources. Previously a German colony, Burundi has an equatorial type of climate. It has a republican type of government. Political tensions between the Tutsis and the Hutus have always been a major issue in Burundi.

Information on Burundi includes its population which is approximately 8,390,505, the religions followed by its people, its capital which is Bujumbura, its governmental structure, its economy, its international relations etc. Information about Burundi remains incomplete without a mention of its culture, traditions, festivals, transportation and communication system .