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Burkina Faso Geography

by Vishal Kumar

A big part of the land area of Burkina Faso is comprised of forests. The rivers originating in Burkina Faso contribute largely to the vegetation and forest.

Tourists from different parts of the world have traveled to Bankura Faso in large numbers to explore the Burkina Faso geography. A big part of Bankura Faso is covered with forest areas.

32.7% of the land area of Burkina Fuso is comprised of forests. The abundance of forests has contributed to the rich collection of wildlife in Burkina Faso. The Ministry of Environment and Tourism in Burkina Faso has reserved a big portion of the forests to preserve the wildlife of Burkina Faso. 12 national parks have also been developed in Burkina Faso for the tourists to enjoy the sight of rare species of mammals and birds.

The rivers have also contributed extensively to the geography of Burkina Faso. 6 rivers have their origin in Burkina Faso. They contribute to the vegetation as well as forestation of Burkina Faso. The river like Mouhoun or Black Volta has also contributed to shaping the political geography of Burkina Faso by creating a boundary of Burkina Faso with Ghana.

Most of the land of Burkina Faso is undulating. A few small hillocks have also taken shape in various locations. On average, Burkina Faso lies at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level. The two significant climatic seasons in Burkina Faso are the dry season and the wet season. The wet season starts in June and stretches till October. The rest of the year is dry in Burkina Faso.

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